White House slams Florida republicans. The controversy started when the GOP rejected legislation and the name it  “Don’t Say Gay!” The goal is to protect the children who need protection from legislation that would show them in a negative light. They would be subject to Bullying.

The new “F” word is FREEDOM to many of our leaders are infringing on FREEDOM. The word is not being considered as they make a move toward Martial Law.

Our own Republican Dennis Baxely sponsored the proposal. Baxely told law makers it would not forbid  spontaneous discussion but would bar districts from incorporating LGBTQ topics into the curriculum.

Baxely said some discussions are best left to parents! Baxely said when you enter sexual discussions with children your entering the “Danger Zone”!

DeSantis stated you’ve seen incidence in which kids are encouraged to be doing stuff with like gender ideology and I think the parents really do need to be involved in that discussion. LGBTQ


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