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By TomL

I can hear the rumblings on the streets. The “left” has thrown everything they have, then I hear Rumblings “Trump is coming” and the people are coming with him. That is the important part. When he brings the masses with him as he has been doing, we can make him President  and swear him in and he can fire Joe.

Our inflation is up beyond what we can endure and still he prints money and tries to buy votes with it! Unless the left pulls something shady and gets away with it. The people will still follow him. He is not always a goody goody but he gets things done that we need done. Not aways the way we want it done but completed. It will be a super challenge to him to undue the damage but he and the people can fix it! To Trump … Hire the right loyal  people to and clean up this mess, we know you can do it!

TRUMP IS COMING I hear the rumbling on the street, so VOTE FOR HIM if you want us to prosper in 2025. I want my Son’s to prosper and their children to prosper. THE LOURY FARM!

Be an American, have faith, pray and vote.

I keep hearing “let me make this perfectly clear!” most of it is not clear because they are not following our Constitution.

Gag order on Trump is Un-Constitutional! Everyone affiliated with the trial can do Social Media and talk to the press BUT TRUMP CAN NOT Ruled by the judge. That is Un-Constitutional! I can’t see him not talking to the people of our country, he will do that, maybe on his way to jail. I wonder if there would be like the old days and have a JAIL BREAK? It would have to be done in a legal way.  Brag wants him held for contempt of court but mention no one else!

From what I have been told Bragg does not have the credentials to prosecute Trump but New York is letting him do it and they are making up their own laws. Continue reading

Trying to understand how AI effects the Newspaper, magazine industry. As far as Copy Righting articles. I understand when a writer,  write’s something or an article and Ai finishes it or enhances  the article with a lot of facts. The writer can copy right what he or she put into AI but not what AI created. The writer must be able to prove that they created what ever they are filing claim about.

Most publisher & writers are scared to death of AI. They should be because it is not their words it is the machines words. Is that what you want to read, research done by a machine that has control of misinforming you? Watch what they try to do to Trump before the election. They will be using AI on him, in fact if truth be known they probably are using it to create legal information to use on him. My opinion is it is not our friend!

I have a lot of critics about grammar, sentence structure and other intellectual rules of writing. Mt rule of writing is did you understand the point that I was trying to get across? Nuff said!  Then I write by the way you misspelled two words complaining about me.



By TomL

Will a 32 hour work week happen? It was introduced by Bernie Sander a Socialist. Should we trust him? I just put him the same category as Joe Biden. Well let me tell you a story about my 32 hour work week.

It starts out in the 60’s Hollywood Florida at a company called Chestnut Hill Industries, it had it’s own city block, yes the building was that big. They made Ladies Garments. Name brands at the time.

Mr. Dino, Pantino, Harburt, Chestnut Hill. It was own by four Jewish family’s. There were hundreds of employee’s. I worked in the area where they had a printing press which was in the Mail room area.

The factory did it all…There were fabric cutters, seamstress’s, presser’s, garment warehouse where thousands of garment’s hung on hanger. All the groups of garments were on tracts. Continue reading

I would like to start out with a question. How many of you patriots stand and put your hand over your heart when the National Anthem comes on TV at 6 am? Last Sunday 6 am the national anthem came on Fox News. I was at the sink sorting Mulberries’ when the National Anthem started I got up put my hand over my heart and turned to the TV. My wife was standing in front of her recliner with  her hand over her heart showing her respect. A great day to start a St Patricks day!


Cape Coral Florida victim, identified as Kayla Rincon-Miller, was shot on Sunday night while walking to McDonalds, during Spring Break.

In the news……61 year old man lost his life over a parking spot at a Shell Gas Station (WHAT)

Teen girl found dead in Drainage Ditch. (WHAT)

OK Biden … it is still happening when will you make them stop? You started this!


It seems that Elon Musk Is suing Google for breaking their agreement. The agreement over the AI, Musk helped Google to set up AI as long as they did not use it unethically. Continue reading

By TomL

I attended a Marion County Builders Association lunch meeting. Met some old friends and met some new business associates. Very friendly group of Business people.


Michael Cassidy was charged after destroying a Satanic display statue. Apparently he is charged with a class D felony for destroying the display at the Iowa State capital building. He is accused of beheading the Statue on the display and throwing into the garbage can. The veteran of the navy apparently did this just before Christmas. How many people out there think Michael should be prosecuted???  NOT ME!


I was reading a comprehensive informational story the DA Fani Willis who is prosecuting Donald Trump. The story list all the people who donated to her election that have made money from the Fulton County District Attorney’s office. Continue reading

By TomL

Many Americans have been known for their bravery, grit, pride, family, God and country. Most have a lot of grit meaning they face danger with resolution, take action and move on to the next challenge.

I remember when the movie “True Grit” came out staring John Wayne. In the movie John Wayne had a lot of grit. Here was an old Sheriff / Bounty Hunter, alcoholic that was a real True American. At the end of the movie he was on one side of a clearing and a number of bad guys were on the other side making fun of him. He was on his faithful horse, took the reigns in his teeth and a gun in each hand and charge the group of bad guys. That is true Grit!

That is what we need, not necessarily a cowboy but a person of courage. Not necessarily a goody goody but a bit of a rough who throws caution to the wind and does the right thing. We have someone who has some of those characteristics in the name of “Donald Trump”. The Democrats are afraid of him because he will hold them accountable for the wrong things they have done. The Dictators around the world are also afraid of him because he will, no questions asked retaliate if we have been wronged. He will hit them harder then we got hit. If a Terrorist continuously  keeps coming into view by killing our people or trying to kill our people “he will take them out!” Continue reading

By Tom Loury

Pawn Star Rick Harrison’s son dies of Fentanyl poisoning. The recent death of Adam Harrison 39 shows us how wide spread this crisis is. We do not have a plan to stop the flow of drugs, we stop some but a lot gets across carried by Cargo ships and trucks, Terrorist, Illegals both are breaking the law. The Cartel’s are inventing new way every day on how to get drugs into the United States. They send it by land, Sea or air. They fly a load into a rural wooded are and drop it. They dump the load if they are getting caught and then the question is do they chase the bad guy or do they chase the drugs so they don’t have it to sell. I ask myself?Why are our people using drugs? Then how can they tell what is poison? We are living in a very depressing world right now. Much of it is cause by the greed of powerful people. We are caught in the middle, for instance we approve money for the border and they devert it to feeding and housing illegals. All I know it has to stop. You the voter have vote smarter, we need to elect someone that can make it stop! Someone with Grit!

Farmers I read on the internet that bamboo charcoal will get rid of rodents. Believe it or not! OK farmers there is your answer. Actually you can order it online. That would even work in the fields if it’s not to expensive, check it out!.


I am getting notes from reader which is a good sign. The notes are 99% positive. I get one from a soldier overseas. Keep the notes coming. It tell me you are a reader.


I see Texas has finally had enough of being accused of things they were not doing! The rest of the states need to follow. This administration is letting these Illegals come in.  Border Patrol was accused of drowning Illegals, but when they watched the video’s they were saving peoples from drowning. They were accused of whipping the aliens with their horse reins and they were using long reins to control the horses. Again watching the video’s and realized they were not hitting anyone. They were using the horses as barriers to stop illegal entree. Continue reading

By TomL

I like to go back and try to recollect people and events in the past that had added to our newspapers. How far back I’m going I don’t know but here we go!!! I would like to talk about Veterans first then next month more info.

Many years ago I bought the Lady Lake Magazine with a friend and his wife.

I would later hire a great sales person Wendy Netherclift. She  is still a great friend her and her significant other who was my biggest client for many years Bob Irwin of Bob’s Coins and Jewelry near the Villages. Wendy retired and Bob retired and now they are living the dream. They are great friends of my wife and I.

Wendy and I tripled the revenue a a year and a half later. The partnership would later be changed and I would become a silent partner. After my non compete was well over I decided to buy a publication  in Ocala (not in the same territory) called the Seniors Voice of North Central Florida. I ask my friend if if Lady Lake Magazine was available to buy?  My partner friend and his wife contacted me and said they had made arrangements to sell their percentage to me. We came to an agreement and here I was with two newspapers. Continue reading

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