By Tony Powell
Is Putin stealing Ukraine!

Do we care?

Apparently Former President Donald Trump thinks that Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is the ‘savvy’ act of a ‘genius’

As we all know, Putin has thousands of military units on the border and has already started an invasion.

Most other world leaders think it’s an act of war.

What’s disappointing in the media coverage is that they portray Putin’s actions as somehow, unusual or disruptive – while as the same time refusing to acknowledge that taking over other peoples property; their homes, their land their country, is the way that the world works, and the way that this world of ours has always worked.

Russia claims that the Ukraine was, at some time in history, part of their country, so, now, they are taking it back.

Isn’t it a fact that ‘Might Makes Right!”?.

Could Mexico ‘take back’ the south-western parts of the USA?

Don’t they have that right? Their country was taken by force, so ‘Why not’?

Does the original population of the so-called ‘New World’ have the right to take back what was theirs?

Does Israel have the right to take back what was once theirs?
Should the European population of Australasia ‘give back’ what they took?

Should the state of China be dissolved, and given back to the myriad of the original ‘nationalities’?

How far back would you go?

Does England belong to their most recent conquerors, the Normans? the Angles? the Saxons? the Romans? the Vikings? or the Celts?– The list goes on.

Putin accused the USA of trying to create a new world order.
One-world government ruling a one-government world.

Through a process of conquest; military and economic, we now have a three-government world.

The USA, China and the Soviet Union – (not dead yet)

Putin is in a distant third place.

But, as they say, “you gotta start somewhere”, and, for him, the Ukraine is as good as anywhere.

But what the media reports as ‘Russia’, isn’t Russia at all.

Are these ‘free countries’ or ‘Satellite States?

Armenia, Moldova, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan or, are they part of Russia?
Correct name for ‘Russia’ is the USSR – The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

To me ‘Republic’ means someones’ country.
Is Tasmania part of Australia?

Is the Basque Country part of Spain?
Is Sicily part of Italy?

Who conquered Iceland? Apparently no-one wants it!
But Greenland was taken by Denmark.

Are Alaska and Hawaii both part of the USA?
If it’s wrong/illegal to take over a foreign land, how is it that the USA ‘owns’ Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

Why do we demand that Putin release his ‘colonies’, while we will not grant freedom to ours?

One obvious reason is that, if we release ours, then they (China & Russia) will jump right in.

If we granted a world wide vote to every living person, how many would choose to be ‘ruled’ by China? by Russia? by the USA?

As I See It, it’s a ‘no-contest’!
“Land of the free and home of the brave”

Some don’t love it, but I don’t see them leaving!

‘til next time. . . .


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