By TomL

Many Americans have been known for their bravery, grit, pride, family, God and country. Most have a lot of grit meaning they face danger with resolution, take action and move on to the next challenge.

I remember when the movie “True Grit” came out staring John Wayne. In the movie John Wayne had a lot of grit. Here was an old Sheriff / Bounty Hunter, alcoholic that was a real True American. At the end of the movie he was on one side of a clearing and a number of bad guys were on the other side making fun of him. He was on his faithful horse, took the reigns in his teeth and a gun in each hand and charge the group of bad guys. That is true Grit!

That is what we need, not necessarily a cowboy but a person of courage. Not necessarily a goody goody but a bit of a rough who throws caution to the wind and does the right thing. We have someone who has some of those characteristics in the name of “Donald Trump”. The Democrats are afraid of him because he will hold them accountable for the wrong things they have done. The Dictators around the world are also afraid of him because he will, no questions asked retaliate if we have been wronged. He will hit them harder then we got hit. If a Terrorist continuously  keeps coming into view by killing our people or trying to kill our people “he will take them out!”

I think if there is a modern day True Grit, it would be Donald Trump. We need to gather up our American grit and with God at our side, get behind him and stand up for him and take him all the way into the White House, then trying to keep him alive!  I’ll bet once he is back in the White House we will all sleep better and if you make your personal stand you will feel better about yourself.

You ask where are we now and how could Trump fix our Border / Illegals problem. Our current administration think more of Illegal Aliens than they do our starving Americans and our homeless Veterans that live here. They just took a school away from our students and gave it to the aliens to keep them comfortable.There were three Presidents in the past that dealt with Illegals. “It is called Deportation.”

President Hoover deported millions!

President Truman deported two million during World War II.

President Eisenhower deported thirteen Million Mexicans.

You ask why they could do it then and Biden can’t ,“They were men of Honor!”

Trump says let’s be honest about this. They are after you and your tax money. If they control what you eat, what job you do, the car you drive, take all the children at age 15 into the military and indoctrinate them, we will no longer be a free society. In Cuba if a person does something the government does not like they shut the power off in that neighborhood and the people suffer, that is why they don’t want gas stoves. If you have nothing but electricity they have you. It’s called control of power grid. CONTROL of you!

We have many Warriors in this Country, we need a WARRIOR LEADER!

Vote Trump!

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