By Tom Loury

Pawn Star Rick Harrison’s son dies of Fentanyl poisoning. The recent death of Adam Harrison 39 shows us how wide spread this crisis is. We do not have a plan to stop the flow of drugs, we stop some but a lot gets across carried by Cargo ships and trucks, Terrorist, Illegals both are breaking the law. The Cartel’s are inventing new way every day on how to get drugs into the United States. They send it by land, Sea or air. They fly a load into a rural wooded are and drop it. They dump the load if they are getting caught and then the question is do they chase the bad guy or do they chase the drugs so they don’t have it to sell. I ask myself?Why are our people using drugs? Then how can they tell what is poison? We are living in a very depressing world right now. Much of it is cause by the greed of powerful people. We are caught in the middle, for instance we approve money for the border and they devert it to feeding and housing illegals. All I know it has to stop. You the voter have vote smarter, we need to elect someone that can make it stop! Someone with Grit!

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