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By TomL

Humans and mold don’t get along too well in the same house. If you start sneezing, coughing, runny nose, sore throat, skin irritation, sore or irritated eyes, headaches, diarrhea, nausea or you just don’t feel right, they could be symptoms to mold exposure. What do you do? Well I looked it up on the internet. There is so much info there, even methods of getting rid of or “do it yourself” eliminating the mold.

One fix is household bleach, (internet formula) and to mix 1 cup bleach to a gallon of water, protect your eyes, nose and skin and apply with a spray bottle. Another fix is vinegar. It’s all natural and can’t really hurt you. It will kill 75% of the different types of mold, but never mix vinegar with bleach for it will create a toxic effect. But you can mix hydrogen peroxide and or baking soda, other mold deterrents with vinegar, but use the vinegar straight, no water, don’t dilute it. Spray it on and let it sit. It is actually better to leave it on if you can stand the odor, otherwise you can wipe it off after an hour using plain water or with some regular detergent. If you vacuum the mold wear a mask and use a special filter that is designed for that. It has a special real fine mesh filter.

If the mold comes, back repeat the process as many times as needed. You can use the same vinegar solution on clothes that you were wearing when spray and treating the mold.

Check all this information on the internet or consult with a specialist. I am not a chemist and not responsible for this information being wrong or misused.

by TomL

Please Google the following

Crowds on Demand

Crowds for Hire

Protest Rallies

Recruiting $25 Hour “Political Activists”

Rent a Mob

It goes on and gets worse and worse Continue reading

Man, is the left putting pressure on the right. President Trump condemned the violence and they’re picking apart what he said as if he never said it. I think there are factions out there wanting to destroy our country and our way of life. The economy is on a tremendous up swing. I say if the left thinks Trump is so bad and he will destroy himself, let him go. I think he is on the right track. Caution, don’t let anyone use you as a tool to achieve their own agenda. Work your own agenda and listen closely to the facts not propaganda and take your time to make a decision about what is right and wrong.

I am all for supporting Law Enforcement but I look at it a little different. I endorse the person not the department. Yes they have to be a Team. I think that you can’t teach men and women to be Warriors and expect them to be perfect. You teach them to back up their fellow deputies then you ask them to testify against them in court (NOT POSSIBLE!). That is like telling someone never to lie and then in the next breath call them a liar…that doesn’t work! When a Sheriff or the Chief of police goes all out for their men and women, defending them against all, yes I said all on comers including the State Attorney, then they have done their job. But if they wimp out they are not doing their job and can’t build the respect they need from the officers. Continue reading

Independence Day

The New York Times ran a copy of the Constitution instead of the Declaration Of Independence. The largest and most powerful Newspaper in the Country doesn’t know what the 4th of July stands for. They print a copy of the Constitution, before and after they printed untrue stories. The story about 17 agencies said something was true when only 4 knew about it. I had other people tell me I saw something on Facebook  yesterday and it’s on the TV news today. I wonder if the News Media is copying Facebook???



  1. Exemption from power over or control of another. Liberty; Independence
  1. Frankness; Openness.
  1. Liberty
  1. Special Privilege; immunity
  1. Exemption from necessity
  1. A free unconstitutional grant

Continue reading

These hatchlings were taking over one of my Bell Pepper plants. It was so unusual I had to take a picture and share. It would not have been long and they would have devoured the rest of the plants. All I can say is Sevin Dust! I am Tom Loury Publisher and know no one sees me as a Gardener, but I am really having fun with my garden. And the bell peppers and tomatoes are delicious.

I am having a terrible time understanding why all of the Republicans are not rallying around the Trump Team. They don’t have to like the man to get things done for the people of our country. Furthermore the Left is committing borderline Treason. The BIG SYNDICATED NEWSPAPERS owned by the Left are printing Fake news. Also the big networks are producing Fake news. I believe when they do that it should be considered Treason because of the intent. It is being done to disrupt our country and even cause someone to kill our representative in the Republican Party. The election is over! One Congressman decided he did not sign up to be threatened and has decided to get out.

I was talking to a retired nurse and the conversation came around to the babies that are in trouble at birth. As I understand it, a mother that is on Crack Cocaine comes to the hospital in Ocala to give birth because where they live they will be arrested and the baby will be taken to Child Services. As it looks like to me, the baby beginning life under these circumstances, doesn’t have a chance. Continue reading

There is no sense in me commenting on the national news because it’s moving faster than the speed of light. Well at least Trump and his spokespeople can’t keep up. Of course the Left is stalling; it has to come to a head sooner or later. Some of these foreign countries have had their way with us for way too long. When the White House has a briefing, the left media twists the story. Somebody said just shut down the briefing room; don’t do press conferences. That will teach them a lesson.

It seems to me that you have to have a crime before you name a Special Prosecutor. It seems to me that the left has a wish list and I know what the first wish is. They are making themselves look foolish. First the call for Impeachment has to have a crime. So far there is no evidence, only accusations. The one thing that the Left is trying to get us to forget is the leaks, no matter where they came from, were true! First I think we need to pass a law that it is illegal to pay someone to disrupt a meeting, a rally or any public gathering. That is far beyond freedom of speech. Continue reading

By TomL

The State Attorney’s office was not satisfied that they took down Sheriff Blair, taking down the Lake County Sheriff, and  in addition putting four Marion County Sheriff deputies in prison. Brad King tried to prosecute the fifth officer that plead innocent. Now the State Attorney’s Office has ruined another innocent Deputy’s career. Deputy Parker, a 14 year veteran of the Marion County Sheriff’s Department, one of the World Winning Swat Team and a Canine Officer, was called into court to testify in a case. His testimony was different than his supervisor’s who was part of the Billy Woods transition Team. He gave his testimony to the best of his recollection and his written statement reflected  the same as his testimony. The records show he was accurate. The State Attorney’s office lost the case against the fifth officer and then it started… Deputy Parker, a Sheriff Deputy, just a witness in the case had his career ruined because he remembered something different than another witness. Continue reading

I have been saying for a very long time Washington has some corruption but never did I think that it was this bad. The previous administration was totally out of control. The Democratic Party is burying itself. The Republican Party is fractured into a number of power brokers, kind of like Humpty Dumpty. We are in the process right now trying to put the party back together again. People like Ron Paul are having fun making the party struggle to pass bills and move forward.

I keep hearing Trump said this and that. Everything I have heard from him has turned out to be true. Let’s just look at a few things.

Trump did not Say: You can’t have an abortion. He said you will have to pay for it yourself.

Trump did not say: Refugees are bad. He said we need to first make sure that they are not coming here to harm us.

Trump did not say: Mexican are not welcome. He said they can apply and come in the proper way.

Trump did not say: He was not taking away anyone’s freedom but he is cutting the funding on things that never should have been funded in the first place.   Continue reading

Small Town America is awakening!
Mainstream America is awakening!
White House, to the State House, to Hometown America are awakening!     Our best days are ahead of us for the first time in years.
The Presidency.
Majority of the House of Representatives.
Majority of the Senate.
Two-thirds of the governorships.
Control of the statehouses in two-thirds of all the states.
In the next few years Republicans will be able to seat a majority of the Supreme Court. Continue reading

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