What I say about “Build back better”. The hell with that “put it back like it was!”

Look what happens when you order a president by mail!

Remember this fight now is for our freedom…There is no one else left to resupply us when we are fighting. Who will make food and supply drops to us like we do for other country’s. We are it,,,, there is no place to escape to by going across a border! Americans are not suppose to do that!

Our Governments job is to protect the people of this country not others country’s. Remember “AMERICA FIRST!”

The real enemy today is not from other country’s but the fat cat’s on the left in Washington!!! They are so disconnected from what life is like in the rest of the country, someone needs to wake them up! All these facts out are eye opener, OPEN THEM AND DO SOMETHING!. The election was stolen by the left from Trump by our own country. What happens when that is proven. Is the election null and void? Should it be done over? The Twitter releases and the Hunter Biden information release should be enough for Trump to reclaim the office. LAWSUIT? SUPREME COURT?

One of the University’s did a poll and their findings were that the people want Trump Policy’s but want DeSantis to execute them. That’s not smart! Trump know how his policy’s work and he has the guts to back them up any other choice is allowing the left to fleece you. Trump never sleeps, he works twenty hours a day, he does multiple projects at once. There is no one like him. He needs to get back into office and finish this “Make America Great Again!” Drain the swamp, there will be some good people left that look out for our well being.

To many people shuffling their residence! To many people in this country who got here and have their hand out. If we can’t stop them make them work and pay taxes. No sending money back to their country that means they are just using us.

Disappointments…I had an online giant who lives within our delivery area ask me to Cease and Desist delivery of our newspaper. How Petty!  It is a first for me but I guess I am doing something right!

North America has enough oil to fuel every passenger car for 430 years, enough natural gas to provide electricity for 575 years. In another 430 years, don’t you think we will have alternate fuel sources? So tell me why are we paying out the nose to foreign countries for fuel now?

NEW BREAK THROUGH… The Military has a lab that has created a safe new  nuclear Fusion that does not create radio active waste. Coming soon to your electric car???


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