Back pain sufferers have often been told that they have spinal arthritis, disc degeneration and spinal stenosis.  They also may have buttock, thigh or leg pain which is termed sciatica.  The afore-mentioned words describe the opening between the spinal bones being closed by spur formation and decreased disc height.  The hole between the bones is large enough when the disc is plump and healthy but decreases with loss of discs and the growth of bony spurs.  This causes low back and often leg pain.

Frequently, these pain sufferers are told that there is nothing short of injections and surgery that can help.  This is not true.  Spinal adjustments, combined with mechanical traction, are very effective in relieving the pain of neuropathy caused by herniated discs.  Lumbar disc herniation can cause back pain and/or leg pain, tingling, numbness, and burning.  Combining computerized decompression/traction with spinal adjustments and exercise will bring about the longest lasting results.  This computerized traction is superior to sustained traction of inversion tables because the computerized traction is on and off — it waxes and wanes in tension — thereby overcoming the body’s natural tendency to resist the pull with muscle tension.  This takes the pressure off the irritated nerve(s) and allows the disc bulge to go back into a more normal position and joint fluid to enter and re-hydrate the disc.   If a month of this procedure has failed to bring improvement, then an epidural injection may be the next option to consider.  Surgery should be a last resort because of the risks of anesthesia and possible scar tissue formation.

Physical therapy offered at Better Health Chiropractic includes spinal stabilizing exercises to strengthen core muscles, massage and computerized spinal decompression.  We have the full range of adjusting techniques mentioned above as well.  If you have degenerating, bulging or herniated discs, call  (352)750-6325 today for a complimentary telephone consultation.  We may be able to help you!


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