Many Florida communities are trying to rebuild after Hurricane Irma ripped through their counties. Irma uprooted trees, destroyed homes and flooded streets—damaging vital infrastructure. In some cases, debris is making it impossible for utility workers to gain access to areas to restore power and causing other access issues. City and county leaders are trying desperately to remove this debris but are running into issues with their contractors prioritizing other, more lucrative jobs or demanding higher rates.

When I learned about this vital public safety issue, I immediately began working with Governor Rick Scott, emergency managers and city and county leaders to help find a solution. My staff is currently reviewing contracts that have been provided by some cities and counties to determine if any of the contractors are violating the law.

This is not an aesthetic issue. Debris removal is vital to restoring Florida communities after this devastating storm.

That is why I am calling on these companies to honor their promises to Floridians and do their jobs when they are needed most. Exploiting this crisis at taxpayers’ expense is outrageous and will not be tolerated. I am working closely with the Governor and city and county leaders to ensure contracts are honored and communities restored.

Regardless of whether something is unlawful, this is a morality issue impacting fellow Floridians in a time of need.


Pam Bondi

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