By TomL

An angry crowd packed the Savannah Center Villages when residents of Sumter Villages and other areas came to voice their opinions about a 25% tax increase. County Administrator Bradley Arnold said Budget increases include 34 million for repair of Morse and Buena Vista Blvd. and other area problems. The total tax increase: 250 million. The taxation meeting was held September 24th. They ask all residents to attend.

The residents are not happy having the Tax increase rammed down their throat. Residents have said they can only change the budget by voting to change Commissioners. It is said by some the Commissioners have close ties. Three Commissioners are Villages Residents. One resident accused the Commissioners and the developers of colluding.

There is no question the road work needs to be done but the question is who should pay for it. Maybe the engineers of The Villages did not plan for 50,000 plus homes and traffic from those homes. I wonder what the Snowbirds will think? It will probably affect the sale of new homes???

Higher taxes??  Will this happen in other Counties?? What do you think?

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