Recently all Democratic presidential candidates attended a steak fry in Des Moines! On the other hand one might get burned at the steak if what is coming out is true!

Someone ask me who was the best President so far???

Obama was good at paying other country for doing jobs (defense) that they did not do and then some burned our flag.

Trump held them accountable and did not pay those who did were not park of (defense) National Security.

Obama did not donate any of his salary, his wife had a staff of 23!

Trump donated all of his salary and his wife has a staff of 4!

I saw a cartoon, I think it was peanut… A little girl says “Do all fairy tales start with Once upon a time? The little boys answer was no, many of them begin with “If I am elected,  promise ……” a great example of what has gone on in the pas ten years. Things have gotten better in the last several years.

A joke off the internet. Now don’t get serious on me!

The guy said I was ask if I was happy having a racist president?  He said no of course not we replaced him with Donald Trump!

Trump is creating tremendous shortages…By closing the border there is a shortage in Meth, Heroin, MS-13 and new undocumented voters.

Until next month!

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