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The Lady Lake Police Department is co-hosting the Seventh Annual Scam Jam Shred-a-thon along with Citizens First Bank on April 27, 2019 from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.  This will take place in the north front parking lot of Target located at 716 N. Hwy 27 in Lady Lake.  This program is designed to increase public awareness with regard to current trends in criminal scams affecting our community.  Additionally, the Lady Lake Police Department will have educational information available to help citizens protect their identity and personal financial information from being compromised.  Residents will be able to bring documents that are no longer needed to be destroyed at this event.  Several shredding trucks are being made available courtesy of Citizens First Bank.  Community partners for this event are Citizens First Bank, Target, Seniors vs Crime, and the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office.  There is a 3 box/bag maximum.

Nothing But Networking a Lady Lake Chamber event was held at the Texas Road House Grill. Feedback  from the 100 who attended was “it was great!”. This was the second event at the Texas Road House Grill. If you would like to attend call the Chamber 352-753-6029 to make arrangements. Tell them Tom sent you!

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(Anything I say is my opinion only!)

Feb 4th the Commission meeting was called to order. Minutes of the last meeting on the subject of Chief McKinstry and the Town Manager were handed out. They were not accurate. The first two things that I noticed were that when the Commissioners voted not to review the Town Charter, Kussard said “if it is not broke don’t fix it!” (That was left out!)  The Charter has not been reviewed in 40 years! Also left out of the minutes of the last meeting was when Councilman Dan Vincent made a motion to ask for Town Managers resignation. Kolgaard said “Go for it!” (That was left out!)

Later I ask Holden who approves the minutes of the meetings. He said Kris Kolgaard. At the first meeting because of the arguing back and forth, Councilman Tony Holden asked for a special meeting to discuss the Town Manager and the forcing out of the Chief McKinstry!

The special meeting was called to look at the Town Manager’s Job performance and the possible re-hiring of Chief McKinstry.

The meeting started civil. The Councilmen and Councilwoman were each asked if they had anything to say. Continue reading

By TomL

The Villages / Lady Lake Florida.

Approximately 9:30 AM, Sunday Feb. 10th, Paramedics were called to assess a man who was acting strangely and saying “people are eating brains out”. The Lady Lake Police Department was called to assist. A Villages security guard pulled up and left his vehicle running. The accused just got into the security Community Watch vehicle and drove off, leaving the paramedics and LLPD. The chase began!

Two Lady Lake police cars went on a high speed chase through the densely populated residential area, then chasing him onto a Golf Course endangering many lives as the two Lady Lake Police cars pursued the man in the Villages Security car. One golfer witness said the vehicles actually came flying over the hill landing, then fishtailing out of control. One lady golfer reported they had to run for cover. The lady said they actually ran over her golf towel. The high speed pursuit caused two accidents, injuring one driver. Luckily they were minor injuries. The lady said her hip was hurting. Continue reading

Art in the Park was a great success again. The weather was great. Lot’s of visitors strolling through the park, looking at the exhibits in amazements. There food vendors so you could enjoy the event, eat lunch and just relax. Art in the Park is hosted and put on by the Lady Lake Chamber. It is an annual event you don’t want to miss. Watch this newspaper for the next announcement in 11 months. Put it on your calendar!

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By TomL

On January 23 the normal Lady Lake commission was called to order and the floor was opened to public discussion. Before anyone from the public could respond, Commissioner Hannon asked for the floor.

Mayor Richardsons said it was highly unusual but gave approval. Commissioner Hannon said he was saddened that Chief McKinstry quit. He said he had heard from many constituents asking him to do all he could to rehire the Chief.

Betty Salas then approached the podium with a petition of 168 names requesting the Chief be reinstated.

Betty Salas, a local business person standing up for Chief McKinstry, is holding a petition of 166 names of residents asking the Town Council to consider reinstating him. The meeting that followed blew everyone away. It was so much that a second meeting was set to discuss the issue and to discuss reviewing the Ex-Chief and Town Manager Kollgard’s actions. Two Commissioners were not happy about the Chief being forced out! The others knew in advance and let it happen. Go to the meeting on the Feb 4 at 1 pm to watch and listen!

Ms Salas also said that she knew the previous chief and that when the commission hired chief she was assured he was the right man for Lady Lake. She got to know him as did the businesses and residents of Lady Lake as well.

Town Manager Kris Kollgaard then read a statement that said she and the Chief have had professional differences in management styles for the last 6 years and that this was the last time. She contact the commissioners the night before and said the morning meeting would have only one of 2 outcomes. Up until this meeting the general public was told no one at town hall knew why the Chief quit, just that he did. Now we are finding out the truth. Continue reading

Put on by the Lady Lake Chamber, the day started out pretty cool, but as the sun came up it warmed to a comfortable temperature. Some 50 vendors participated in the expo and hundreds of visitors showed up to visit the booths. Lots of free gifts were handed out to the visitors. You could get your hearing checked, talk about your health insurance, check out the travel company and find out where you can go and for how much, etc. There were food trucks serving and selling food all day. I enjoy the sausage sub that is normally offered. The barbecue was delicious. It was all good. The expo was held under tent at the St. Timothy’s Catholic Church on 441 Villages. Cute – there was a lady dressed like a bumble bee selling honey. Lot of fun was had by all. If you see a picture of someone you know tell them about it.

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Lady Lake Residents Are Shocked!

By TomL

Town people are shocked. Many are asking why? Why would the Chief of police of seven years walk in one day and hand in his resignation and walk out? No notice! No reason! I can’t print a rumor and don’t believe in them, but if someone out there has some facts I would like to hear them.

Apparently the Town Manager Chris Kollgart doesn’t know why. I ask by email and she said and I quote, “Chief McKinstry left. I think he just needed a new challenge. He did a lot of good for the Town and I know he will be missed.” Kollgart has named Capt. Robert Tempesta as acting Chief. I’m not finished with this story! Continue reading

Light up Lady Lake is an annual Christmas event. The grounds and the cabin where the Chamber is housed is lit up with thousands of lights. They usually have several speakers and hundreds of  spectators. It’s a great event and something to see!


The traveling Wall came to Lady Lake / The Villages. Opened Nov 2 and closed Nov 4th. The Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall was open to the public for three days at the Soccer Fields on Rolling Acres Road.

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