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Mark DuShane of DuShane Management, Inc. invited friends and family to a meet and greet with Senator Dennis Baxley. It was held at Recreation Plantation RV Resort. Upon arrival I was greeted by the Owner of Recreation Plantation Grant Gore, Sue Kelly the director of the Lady Lake Chamber was there promoting the event and of course Mark DuShane himself. It was one of the most laid back meetings I have ever been too. It started out with a talk about what was going on in Tallahassee but it was not long before I realized Senator Baxley was sitting comfortably in the middle of the group and everyone was listening, then later asking questions. No smart phones, everyone was paying attention. It was a good event. Thank you Senator Baxley for your service. He is OUR State Senator!

Nothing but networking was held this month at the Waterfront Inn. At the end of the meeting I give out my newspapers. This table held up the newspaper while a photographer snapped the photo. I was in the picture if you can see my hand holding a newspaper, bottom left.

The term “Multi-modal” is commonly used to describe shared use paths since it accommodates multiple forms of transit.

Multi-modal or Shared Use Paths are paved, off-street travel ways designed to serve nonmotorized travelers.  Across our community, golf carts and bicyclists are typically the most common users of shared-use paths.  However, shared-use paths are frequently also used by pedestrians, roller skaters, skateboarders, wheelchair users, and users of many other modes except automotive.

Diamonds painted on the road indicate a restricted lane, which means only vehicles meeting certain criteria may use the lane. This is usually further indicated by a sign with the same diamond on it, displayed overhead of the lane or at the side of the road, or painted on the lane, which describes the restriction.

Local government agencies are frequently asked who is allowed to use the Multi-modal paths.

Within the Town of Lady Lake, Avenida Central, Del Mar Drive, Rio Grand Avenue and Chula Vista Avenue all have side lanes with the diamond painted on them.  These are designated as PED or pedestrian lanes.   It is a common misunderstanding that these lanes are dedicated for golf carts use only.   These are considered “Shared Use” lanes since pedestrians, bicycles, and golf carts may utilize them.  Continue reading

Take time to meet with like-minded business professionals and enjoy great food at a beautiful location. This is a great opportunity to make new connection at the Waterfront Inn. A great time was had by all.

Ribbon cutting was at MacInnis Dermatology. They had their open house. Lady Lake Chamber representatives attended, along with office staff and friends. Their office is at 12950 Laural Manor Dr. The Villages 32162

Lake County and all of Florida are safer today thanks to a new state law that gives law enforcement a valuable tool to prevent gun violence by helping keep firearms out of the hands of individuals who demonstrate an obvious threat to themselves or others.

Florida joined a handful of states earlier this year when it passed the Risk Protection Order Act (RPO), or red flag law, spurred to much-needed action in response to the tragedy in Parkland, Florida.  This important law, passed with bipartisan support in the state legislature, allows law enforcement to remove firearms and ammunition from violent or mentally ill individuals while affording citizens their due process.

The process for obtaining an RPO is straightforward and puts the decision to remove guns in the hands of a judge. First, law enforcement files a petition listing the statement, actions or facts which give rise to a reasonable fear of significant dangerous acts by respondent. The petition is heard by a Judge within 24 hours to determine if there is reasonable cause to believe the respondent poses a significant danger of causing personal injury to themselves or others in the near future by having in their custody any firearm or ammunition. If granted, the respondent is served with the temporary order, and they must immediately surrender their firearms, ammunition and concealed weapons license pending a final hearing. Continue reading

Lady Lake Chamber host a Nothing but Networking Luncheon every month. Here is a picture from that luncheon at the Water Front Inn in the Villages. The people at this table are all business people networking with each other. When you sit there and have lunch and listen to how each other’s businesses work and what is a perfect referral for them, then they can help each other. It’s like a hundred sales people on the street.

Several months ago we ran a picture of Bob Irwin of Bob’s Coins and Jewelry in Summerfield Florida catching his record fish. It was the largest marlin the captain’s boat had caught off Aruba. The Caption estimated the fish to be 500 lbs and 12 ft long. The marlin was caught in record time 17 min 49 seconds. The fish ran under the boat to cut the line on the prop 7 minutes into the fight. The prop then spun the line around enough times to reconnect the line to itself and continue the fight. At 17 minutes 44 seconds as the mate bent down to unhook the fish the stainless steel hook snapped and the fish released itself! The first and only stainless steel hook to ever break on that boat!

What an adventure‼  Bob’s fish replica is now on display at Bob’s Coin & Jewelry. It’s located at Spruce Creek Terrace Shoppes.

As the mercury climbs as we head into summer, I thought it appropriate to discuss heat-related illness for this edition of the newsletter. In Central Florida, we enjoy warm weather almost year-round, but during the summer months, heat can cause serious health issues especially for the very young and the not-so-very young, too. Across the United States, many people die from heat-related illnesses, and many more are hospitalized with life-threatening conditions. Heat stroke and heat exhaustion are two heat-related illnesses that are both emergencies. The good news is that heat-related illness can be prevented. Practicing a few simple tips can help keep you cool and healthy during the hot spells. But first, let’s explore the difference between heat stroke and heat exhaustion with a little consultation from our Emergency Medical Services partners from Lake County and the Villages Public Safety Department. Continue reading

Lady Lake, FL  July 6,2018 –  The Lady Lake Area Chamber of Commerce awarded Just Dandy Pet Parlor with The Chamber Super Hero Award in recognition of their work with the Town of Lady Lake animal control and other local adoptions agencies, fostering and adopting out homeless animals from their business.

Just Dandy Pet Parlor is owned and operated by Jean Oliver and is located at 978 Bichara Blvd. On any given day you will find cats or dogs in her lobby looking for their forever home. Just Dandy also accepts donations of all pet supplys that she then distributes to our local humane societies.

Pictured L to R:  Leslie DeCesare, Marketing Lady Lake Area Chamber, Jean Oliver, owner of Just Dandy Pet Parlor, Donna Oates, Chamber Ambassador

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