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The US Anti-Terrorism Act, is a federal law that lets Americans recover damages related to “an act of international terrorism”.

An American family claims that YouTube routinely and unlawfully recommends videos by the group ‘ISIL (ISIS)’ which boasts about the Paris attacks that killed 130 people including their son.

Apparently, for whatever reason, the government protects internet companies like FACEBOOK, GOOGLE, YOUTUBE and all the others, from being sued.

In practice, this means that they are making millions by promoting pornographers, terrorists, law-breaking companies and hostile foreign countries. Continue reading

The media has had a lot of fun with former President TRUMP and current President BIDEN.

Apparently, both of them have taken home a bunch of so-called’ ‘Secret Government Documents’ which, they say, is illegal.

Recently these allegations have expanded to include a former Vice President PENCE.

In BIDENS case, the problem goes back to his many years as a senator and Vice President to OBAMA.

But, now, one report said, “Classified documents were found at Mike Pence’s home in Indiana, and his lawyer turned them over to FBI/Department of Justice – (National Security Division).

Of course, like a typical modern politician Pence has previously said that he did not retain any classified information after leaving office.

Back in November, Pence was asked, “Did you take any classified documents with you from the White House?”
He said, “I did not”.
Continue reading

Happy New Year!

Changes to Social Security in 2023

Good or bad?

-Well, there is a higher-than-ever positive cost-of-living increase. (COLA)

Next year’s COLA will be a whopping 8.7%. Obviously, starting in January 2023, you’ll receive an 8.7% increase in benefits.

Of course, that might result in a higher deduction for medicare.

The typical retiree will receive approximately $150 more per month, which is huge help for seniors in these days of soaring inflation and the collapse of the stock market.

For many it’s a much needed lifeline during these tough times. Continue reading

The German government has accused the American commander of the allies in Europe, Gen Philip Breedlove of, disseminating ‘dangerous propaganda’ by minimizing the extent of Putin’s military in his annexation of parts of Ukraine. Putin denies that his military is fighting with the Pro-Russian separatist fighters in Ukraine. He claims that the people in that area are fighting for ‘freedom’ as they try to add parts of the Ukraine to Putin’s ‘empire’.

But US Lt Gen Ben Hodges, commander of the US Army in Europe, says that, in fact, at least 12,000 Putin troops are inside UKRAINE capturing more and more territory for Putin’s ‘separatist army’ which is directly proven to include Putin’s soldiers through satellite imagery, which anyone in the world can view for themselves. Hundreds of Russian soldiers have been killed in the separatist area of the Ukraine. Continue reading

Will it ever end?
Is it even real?
As I See It, most people accept that our Planet Earth has changed several times over its millions of years of existence.
But, for some reason, many intelligent, educated people insist that those changes have stopped and that the weather we have now is the same as it’s always been, and it will continue, unchanged for ever.
Unfortunately, ‘we, the people’ have no way of learning the ‘facts’ because, today, the ‘media’ (news, television, the internet), are firmly in the control of biased, extremists on both sides of every issue.
So, the ‘news’ we get is “There is no problem!” or ‘We have a total disaster!”
But, there are a few ‘facts’ which, I think, most people will accept.
The years 2016 and 2020 are the warmest years on record. Continue reading

-Air B&B in The Villages?

Apparently, many residents feel that short-term rentals in The Villages should be stopped.
Over-all management of residential districts and amenities in The Villages is controlled by several ‘CDD’s.

These ‘Community Development Districts’ are appointed by the Developer.

Obviously, that being the case, their primary function is to protect the best interests of the ‘Developer/Ownership/Management.

So far they have not addressed the short-term rental market issue. Continue reading

Police and Politics.-Is it intimidating when an armed, uniformed Police Officer asks. “I support TRUMP. You?”

-Is it ok for a uniformed Police Officer to appear in political ads for a candidate for mayor or a State or Federal politician?
Apparently, in Jacksonville several armed, uniformed officers, standing in front of a marked police car, are running ads supporting the mayor. their boss!

Their remarks praise the mayor and, of course, ridicule his opponent.

It’s true that Federal Law (Hatch Act) prohibits Federal Government employees from similar political shenanigans.
Of course the mayor’s lawyer says “There’s nothing on the books prohibiting off-duty, uniformed officers from participating in political ads”. Continue reading


Apparently the assumed protection of using a NOTARY is bogus!

To be recorded, a document/deed has to be notarized.

The State of Florida is supposed to ‘register and regulate’ Public Notaries.

Your County Recording Department does not verify, or even check that a document is genuine.

Your County Recording Department does not verify or check that the Notary even exists! Continue reading

The United States Supreme Court – No ‘Government-In-The-Sunshine’ here!

The news media reports the recent leak about abortion, as an ‘invasion of the judges privacy’.

But wouldn’t you think that the American People have every right to know what’s going on up there?

These people seem think that we should wait for their decision on what’s best for us, while they deny us the right to decide for ourselves.

(Kinda like ‘Big Brother in ‘1984’.

Fortunately, in the past, there has often been that one glimmer of freedom when a brave ‘insider’ told us what was going on.

Back in 1852, the New-York Tribune published the intended decision of Pennsylvania vs a Bridge Company which, probably was leaked by one of the justices,

So a so-called ‘leak’ is OK when they do it themselves? Continue reading

In a democracy ‘the people’ get to “deliberate on, and decide legislation”. I don’t think there is any such country anywhere in the world.

In a ‘Representative Democracy’ the people elect someone to make decisions for them.

Communist or Capitalist, it’s about the same – ‘big money’ dictates who gets elected, and the winners serve themselves.

Exactly who ‘the people’ are and how authority is shared among or delegated by the people has changed over time and at different rates in different countries,

but over time more and more of a democratic country’s inhabitants have generally been included.

Supposedly, democracy ensures freedom of assembly and association, property rights, freedom of religion and speech, inclusiveness and equality, citizenship, consent of the governed, voting rights, freedom from unwarranted governmental deprivation of the right to life and liberty, and minority rights. Continue reading

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