The Sumter County raging tax battle has been temporarily stopped.It has been tabled until July. Three new Sumter County Commissioners Miller, Search and Estep have voted against the compromise that has been proposed. The proposed tax could have doubled the taxes for the residents and businesses in Sumter County.

Recently the Developer offered to pay $40% more of the road impact fees on every home they build. The compromise was denied by the County Commission. All three County Commissioners have their own idea of a fair taxation. Some of the increased taxes are supposed to assist with the New UF Health Hospital.

Commissioner Breeden has rejected any taxation on the people of Sumter County. Breeden said when we raised the ad Valorem tax we promised the people that we would not raise taxes for five years, that was in 2018.

Commissioner Doug Gilpin was not agree.

I guess we will have to wait till July to see how it is worked out.

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