Lady Lake Residents Are Shocked!

By TomL

Town people are shocked. Many are asking why? Why would the Chief of police of seven years walk in one day and hand in his resignation and walk out? No notice! No reason! I can’t print a rumor and don’t believe in them, but if someone out there has some facts I would like to hear them.

Apparently the Town Manager Chris Kollgart doesn’t know why. I ask by email and she said and I quote, “Chief McKinstry left. I think he just needed a new challenge. He did a lot of good for the Town and I know he will be missed.” Kollgart has named Capt. Robert Tempesta as acting Chief. I’m not finished with this story!

According to the phone calls I have gotten he will be missed. I certainly will miss him. He has done a column in the newspaper for years. Let’s hope the Town of Lady Lake finds out why the Chief left so they can keep it from happening with the next Chief! We lost a good one!

That makes three local Chiefs leaving their post in the immediate area. I know the reason for two of them!

Wildwood Police Chief Paul Valentino

Fruitland Park Police Chief Micheal Fewless

Lady Lake Police Chief Chris McKinstry

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