Small Town America is awakening!
Mainstream America is awakening!
White House, to the State House, to Hometown America are awakening!     Our best days are ahead of us for the first time in years.
The Presidency.
Majority of the House of Representatives.
Majority of the Senate.
Two-thirds of the governorships.
Control of the statehouses in two-thirds of all the states.
In the next few years Republicans will be able to seat a majority of the Supreme Court.
All of the above spells disaster for the Democratic Party. As far as the leaks effecting the election, if it had something to do with the out come of the election it will be the first time I have seen the truth used against a person or organization and win. I have been preaching for years that people who play Corporate politics and lie their way to the top, telling management what they want to hear,  and they win the top jobs! Humpty Dumpty???
The wisdom of the Electoral College, to prevent the vote of any one  state from overwhelming the vote of the others. Trump had the popular vote in 31 states to Hillary’s 19 and in DC. 62% to her 38%.  California really gave Hillary a boost, it was not enough.
What is hard to believe is the Democrats are blaming everyone except themselves. They took the country in a direction the people did not like and they got body slammed for it. If you say I did a great job 15 times people are going to just believe it, only the uninformed believe it. Now the leaders in the Black Lives Matter are trying to stir up the folks on that side when there should not be a side, “All Lives Matter”! We should be educating the people who are shooting Police officers that they are there to help you not hurt you. Give them a chance to do their job and help you. They won’t run from trouble they run towards it to help our citizens black or white.
Marion County has a new Sheriff Billy Woods, he will do a good job, there is a lot of good Police officers on duty to back him up. My first choice was the ex-sheriff Blair and I still think he was innocent of what the States Attorneys office accused him of. That is an awful feeling when you have 25 Attorneys jump on you at once and your Legal fees could run upwards of half a million to defend yourself. Thats what it was going to cost Blair when he decided Family first and dropped out. Anyway I sure hope someone clears his name.
Reports of print media’s demise may be exaggerated, judging by the results of a new study from Neilson Scarborough, which shows that over half of all newspapers readers in the U.S.  prefer and consume newspaper content via print editions.
By the time this paper comes out we will have a new President, for those who are nonbelievers stop and think why all the turmoil is happening? It is because the dems lost and they can’t believe it, it can’t be because they did a bad job or the citizens believed they did a bad job??? I cover this word perception last year and I covered it with a Corporation I once worked for. It has nothing to do with the truth, a lie, it comes down to  how do the people perceive it?

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