I don’t know where to start?

Hurricane Dorian left a path of destruction in the Bahamas. I am sure the death toll will rise as remains are found. Some residents fled the island and I don’t blame them. Some lost everything they had.

Hurricanes  Weather Bureau’s reports, TV weather reports. When the last hurricane came through the Hurricane Tracking scared the crap out of people. People fled the storm, some bought gas, food supplies, water. Some could not afford to spend that money. For about a week the Weather Bureau was king on the hill. They had the attention of everyone in Florida. Now on other channels they were less accurate, drawing the cone right up the middle of the state. I noticed the European track of Hurricane Dorian was right on the money from the start (a week ahead). Why was our prediction not as accurate? Is it because of the potential danger? The first thing the different news channels’ weather reports do is draw a cone right into Florida, WHY? Russ Limbaugh said the same thing. They are sensationalizing the storm for ratings. I hope that’s not true. A hurricane cost a lot of people a lot of money.


Shooters, first we need to share mental health information from cradle to the grave. What I mean is as a juvenile moves into adulthood their records are not shared. A lot of our shooters are young and are probably not getting the care they need. You add that to people on television saying the world will end in ten years or less which adds to their strife or they get bullied somewhere and it gets to the point that they can’t cope with it mentally. They see on TV about a shooting, the publicity it generates and then anything could happen. They need to get help before that all happens. This is one person’s opinion, mine.


The candidates are making all kinds of accusations, statements that can’t be true and sharing ideas that can’t work, but are saying them to get votes. The Green deal was not thought out before it was announced. If you cut off fossil fuel, do away with cow, no cars, no transportation, no fuel for farmers to go get seed to plant or harvest and sell what they grow. The people who preach Green Deal don’t have common sense. They are purely trying to get votes and don’t expect to ever have to implement it. They can set it up so it goes into effect in five years or ten years, who knows where they will be then. So don’t believe everything said by someone running for office. The impeachment thing is a sham, but they think if they put on a show, they are trying to hide what they have not been doing for the last 2 1/2 years. They are consumed by taking down one man. You can’t win in the end when you base everything on hate. Let it go. You lost the election! Because some of our top law enforcement people turned political they will now go to jail. Was it worth it?


A lot of complaints from the Villages being made about non-residents using the amenities. Grand Parents get ID tags for their grandchildren or outsiders and they are in the pools and other recreation facilities. One person said they saw children driving a golf cart to the pool. Not safe. I’m sure if Law Enforcement saw them they would be stopped and someone might get ticket (A grown up).


Speaking of golf carts, does a person driving a golf cart on a road have to have a driver’s license? I believe they do unless some special law is passed to accommodate them.

Be Safe out there!


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