Civil War:

Last month I wrote how Civil Wars begin. The information I received was from the web about the writings of Jack Minzey who died this year. He studied the subject for many of years and wrote a number of books on the subject. History tells us what happened. The social and political behavior today fits that mold. Hatred and social disorder is out of control. We need more love and respect. If not love and if not respect, then tolerance. No matter who wins the election I would never try to unseat a president that was voted into office. In today’s society most people have guns because they feel they need to protect themselves and their families. THEY DO! Today if you don’t agree with your neighbor they get violent and verbally abusive. Right now I have someone verbally abusing me over this very story from last month. He says I have the right to my opinion but don’t have the right to my own facts. These facts were not mine. They were a matter of facts in history! No one wants a civil war. Well no law abiding citizen wants civil war but there might be a faction out there that does. When hatred runs so deep that you start hurting others it’s too late for that person. They need to go to jail and spend some time thinking about what they have done wrong.


Some ten years ago I recognized the fact that the goals for education had gone too far. It was not broken but the politicians said it needed to be fixed. Back in the old days if you wanted to go to college you would take certain classes that would prepare you for college and if you were not going to college there were courses possibly to help you make up your mind what kind of job you wanted to pursue. When it was fixed by the politicians, every student was taking college preparatory courses which are a little harder. Then that caused the dropout rate to increase and they were leaving many children behind. Remember the political arena created the problem. Now the school system recognizes the fact that it is leaving too many children behind, which means they were not doing their job. Students get out of college with no skills and now our largest need is for skills. I said many years ago we need to teach our children it’s OK to be a welder, a truck driver, a painter, a roofer, a plumber etc. Teach them to be the best at what they do! Teach to apply themselves and  to speak up without getting mad. Stand for something and be tolerant of others! Save money!

Choosing your career:

When I was nine I did not like the clothes my dad was buying for me and I told him about it. He said “earn your own money and choose your own clothes”. That year I had met the Ft Lauderdale News circulation director who lived in our neighborhood. I ask him if he had a job for me. He looked at me and asked  “how old are you boy?” I said almost 10. He asked  “what does your dad think about you getting a job?” I said he told me to get a job and earn my own money. His name was Gene Kenny. He talked to my dad and they figured out how I could sell newspapers at the old Draw Bridge on Dania Beach (Florida). On the intercostal the sightseeing boats would come through and they would open the drawbridge 6 or 8 times every afternoon. It would take about 10 to 15 minutes each time. I would sell papers down the row of cars that would line up. I did very well, made good money for a little boy. Next to the bridge was Wentworth’s Realty. My dad and Gene Kenny ask them if I could hang out there. They said it was fine. Many years later I worked for the Hollywood Sun Tattler and Mr. Wentworth son was the editor. Anyway by my 10th birthday I was buying my own clothes and had a mason jar full of money. So I guess you could say I started my newspaper career when I was nine.

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