Late Breaking News: The Trump / Russia Collusion? The DOJ Russia collision Investigation is over. There are some sealed indictments whatever that means, but there will be no more indictment filed. They say there was no collusion between Trump and Russia. There were some of Trump’s past employees found guilty of various things that happened before the election. The original charges that started this whole thing were bogus so anything found after that should be expunged. They were found guilty of being Trump’s friend! Now the DOJ needs to prosecute the people on the other side, probably most of people working for Obama. Let’s investigate the person not the crime Obama might have committed. Talk about collusion! I guess we will find out soon enough. It turns out that John McCain was the one that turn in the fake dossier to the DOJ. I feel bad about that. He was a hero and served our country! He spent his last days hating that much, it should be a time for family, God, love and reflection. May he rest in peace.


    I talked sometimes about reflecting some info from last year and some from further back in the past. Right now in the present we have probably one of the most important times in American history. The moral fabric of our country is eroding terribly. I think some of the erosion is fabricated and some is true. With the internet added to our fast paced world, people are misusing the internet to guide the uniformed to their power structure. Today you can reach millions of people in an instant and a large portion is for this use: bring down a famous person, bring down a powerful person, expose a nasty person, praise a good person but it is seldom used for that.

Today hackers are busy stealing our information for all of the above reasons and for financial gain. I personally have been hacked a number of times. I had to shut down my Facebook because of the abuse of the system. My phone number has been used for a credit card scam and just recently I had a woman call me and ask who I was and why my phone number shows up on her phone. I looked back to see if the number appeared on my phone. It did not. So I suggested that the lady tell the Sheriff Department because it a violation of the law to use my phone number and obviously they were up to no good! Back to the credit card scamming thing, I had people calling me and threatening me because they apparently got scammed. The Marion County Sheriff Department was happy to help me with the person threatening me by notifying them by phone and explaining to them what was going on. I think the solution to cure this problem is, that all hackers get ten years in prison and a $10,000 fine! All persons buying or using information from these hackers get five years in jail and a $5,000 fine. Take the money from the fines and offer rewards for information leading to the arrest of such hackers. Also never let them own a smart phone or a computer for life!

The problem with people attacking other people on the internet, Twitter, Facebook or any vehicle is people believe what they see in the papers, internet, see on TV, hear on the radio. The theory behind the political battle with the current President is if you tell someone the same story day after day there are some that will cave under the pressure and agree. Getting a vote by lying day after day will certainly take a toll on the person lying.

About every other year for the last eight years I predicted a new party would emerge. I thought the tea party was it but when the IRS attack them and they almost folded that was lost. Now I see a faint image of the Tea Party gaining strength. I hope if they do recover they will get a little more organized. I could not see a nucleus in the party. Their membership was Dems, Reps and Independents. They need to have a cause, raise money and all agree on the same issue. Form committees to pick out people they are going to endorse, not based on money but based on what they have accomplished and what they have stood for over a prolong period of time. We need to make it against the law to investigate a person and stick to investigating a crime. When the investigation of a crime leads us to a person then look at them. It is time to determine a standard law on what infringement of the law can be brought up in public.

I know of many cases for instance where teenagers were in love. The boy is just of legal age and the girl was one year under age. They elope. The girl’s parents have charges brought against the boy as a sex crime. They will carry that for the rest of their lives. On cases like this there should be a review maybe in 5 years and see if anything else has occurred or the couple later got married and see if it was the intent to committee a crime.


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    Read the story about the happiest place on earth. Finland’s socialist government has collapsed because of the rising cost of healthcare leaving all of the people with no services or free stuff at all. What’s Bernie going to do now? I got an idea, “Bernie how about you bail out Finland?” You have been using it as an example of the happiest place on earth. This could happen to us if you vote for socialist candidates.


    Read the letter reader about ending the Federal Reserve to end the corruption. This person has made me think about the Federal Reserve and its power. Who gains, who loses, who is really in charge? Follow the money!


    I heard of a young man who is trying to start a business. He is giving private smartphone lessons for a fee. Great idea. I have heard so many people say I don’t understand this @#$%^&* thing talking about their new smart phone. This young man will give you someone to go to. Call Jonathan DeLong 352-410-2139 or email I don’t know Jonathan personally, but his mother asked me to give him a plug. There it is. Try him and let me know how it works out.


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