Where do I start??? There is so much to talk about.

GASLINE! Well one of the local things that is going on in my life is that the
Sabal Trail Gas Line is all but finished. The 3ft diameter pipe is welded and
buried. Let’s hope this is not where the real trouble starts. I see these
people protesting carrying signs. To them I say you are a year too late. The
Gas Line representative held meetings for some two years, asking questions,
answering questions, but very few were protesting. “I DID!” Actually
when they first came to talk to me, I refused them and ran them off my
property. The next contact was to get permission to survey my property…I
refused them again. They said that legally I had to allow surveyors to survey
my property. I refused them again and hired an attorney because I could not do
my daily business and deal with them. So from the day I hired my attorney on
till finish I did not talk to them. I refered them to legal council.

    When I realized that many people were not
fighting but instead were rolling over and signing their papers, I saw that at
that time public opinion was not to protest. There was some obstruction but to
no end results.

    The man I ran off several times come to
find out was the project manager. Of course I would have to choose the top
guy!  It seems I had to give them
permission to survey, so the attorney set up a permission each time they came 3
to 4 days in advance. What I did not want to happen did happen. I had strangers
walking around in my back woods. Stuff I had store there is gone. I’m not
saying someone on the project took it but that the land was no longer secure
from outsiders. I set a new rule through my attorney that they would have to
confine themselves to the proposed Gas Line right away and fence it, to keep
our live stock in and intruders out. Finally we agreed to settle this dispute.
We told the attorney to get all financial settlement money possible. There was
no protest visible.  I was acting for my
brother who is in and out of the VA hospital fighting for his life. We agreed
to a settlement with them to lease the space the pipeline is buried forever!
The attorney did a good job closing the deal. I will have more to say about the
Golfer tortoise and the lizards that the environmentalist searched for on our
little farm.

All I could think of at first was spoiled children fighting over something
and Trump was king of the playground but then I realized this is much more than
that. It’s more like that cartoon called Humpty Dumpty sitting on a great wall
(sound familiar) and all the King’s Horses and all the King’s men couldn’t put
Humpty Dumpty back together again. Which one is Humpty Dumpty??? Trump?
Democrats? or the Fake News Media? Who will fall and who will not. I have to
hand it to Trump. The News Media don’t know what to think, many of them are
backing the Democrats and Trump out of the clear blue calls a press Conference
and calls the Press out. Not just innuendoes but points them out in the news
conference and tells them what an unfair lousy job they were doing. Accuses
them of creating Fake News and in most cases it certainly seems that way. Then
printing leaks that have no bases to them, more fake news, in hopes that the
uninformed would hear the fake news and go out a protest.

    Meanwhile the Democrats behind the scenes
in their shadow Government are stalling Trumps appointed people and creating
havoc by encouraging protesters to protest. Some say Protesters are being paid
to protest and they make bonus money if they go to jail

    The American Tax Payer is who is paying for
all this, not the people on Government checks and out there protesting.
Congress needs to pass a law that says it is unlawful to pay someone to protest
especially an elected official. Let’s hope that the American Tax Payers don’t wind
up being Humpty Dumpty.

    I think there are so many middle men taking
money from the Tax Paying citizen that they are afraid that Trump will drain
their income, expose them and fire them!

say you???

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