There is no sense in me commenting on the national news because it’s moving faster than the speed of light. Well at least Trump and his spokespeople can’t keep up. Of course the Left is stalling; it has to come to a head sooner or later. Some of these foreign countries have had their way with us for way too long. When the White House has a briefing, the left media twists the story. Somebody said just shut down the briefing room; don’t do press conferences. That will teach them a lesson.

It seems to me that you have to have a crime before you name a Special Prosecutor. It seems to me that the left has a wish list and I know what the first wish is. They are making themselves look foolish. First the call for Impeachment has to have a crime. So far there is no evidence, only accusations. The one thing that the Left is trying to get us to forget is the leaks, no matter where they came from, were true! First I think we need to pass a law that it is illegal to pay someone to disrupt a meeting, a rally or any public gathering. That is far beyond freedom of speech.

I was always told you can’t change anything standing on the sidelines and being critical, get involved and do something. So here I am trying.


State Attorney’s office is responsible for five counties: Marion, Citrus, Hernando, Lake and Sumter. Marion County seems to be the only one having a problem with State Attorney’s office and the Marion County Sheriff Deputies. They are not having trouble with the Sheriff but heavy handed on the Deputies. In the last year a source says at least fifteen officers have been forced off the force. Actually the top supervisor was forced out. Some Deputies were jailed for beating up a Drug Dealer while defending themselves, some had to change careers and some are unemployed. I think it all goes back to the previous election. The last officer to go after Deputy Parker was Deputy Mark Swarbrick who resigned after the State Attorney filed a complaint against him. He has been unavailable for comment. Deputy Mark Swarbrick did not work for the State Attorney, he worked for Sheriff Billy Woods. Same pattern as the rest. They’re not talking, so I’m just reporting. I did get some feedback one person thought I was being unfair and that’s OK, they have a right to their opinion. Several people said keep your head down and be careful. If I did not tell the story I would not be doing my job!

I think the State of Florida should step in and name a council to revue both the actions of the Sheriff Department and the State Attorney’s office. Not a council that could put someone in jail but a council that could give a report to the Governor and we the people would hold him to his inactions as is what is going on now.

First when we try to hire Deputy’s from out of town, why would they come to a county where the pay is much lower than any other county. And Deputies’ careers are being ruined at a record pace. Or better yet the Governor wants Tourism. Why would any tourist want to come to a corrupt County where all these things  are going on. Ocala has a strong base and something is going to change, but when? I am pro law enforcement; I think 99% of the deputies are doing a good job. I am not automatically pro State Attorney. Marion County should be proud of our deputies. What people need to realize is the Marion County Deputies don’t work for the State Attorney’s office. They do their job when they bust the Bad Guys and it is the job of the State Attorneys to put the bad Guys in jail, not the Deputies and not let the Bad Guys plea out!

What say you the reader???

Letters in response

To the Editor

I was sent to Panama, by the Air Force in 1966, and stayed to operate my businesses in Latin America until I return to the United States in 2000.

I find this notice very troubling because I recognize the glimmers of dictatorship here. The “good old boys” network at work here seems to be more like a controlling Junta than I like to think about here in “the land of the free.” Not a lot of freedom when innuendo and rumor trump actual, factual evidence! And once the damage to reputation is done, there’s no regaining one’s good name fully.



Letter to the Publisher

Dear Mr. Loury

This is to tell you I read the May issue of the Ocala DownTown while waiting for car services at Walt’s Brakes.

It not only helps to pass the time but made me especially reassured by learning we share opinions regarding Sheriff Blair and the manipulation tab the State Attorney’s office.

And the beat goes on, as they say. Sad for sure.

Compliments on your publication.



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