Spoken on the internet

One janitor that works for the State Department worries about paying bills.

One person laid off had lunch with others that were laid off.

One person considered growing a shutdown beard.

One said tweet Trump about shutdown (pro or con).

One Park Ranger’s wife says they have two children and don’t know when they will get their next check.

One TSA employee and family going without.

One Laid off person said “I was depending on this next pay check to make my car payment.”

One person said Government Contract workers will not get paid.

One person said “I just had a baby and am not working and my husband has been laid off.”

One person went hiking in a National Forest. The honor pay box was covered.

One person said they lost income including holiday pay.

One person said, “It’s so depressing I can’t make my mortgage payment.”

One person said “I will continue to work without pay, my job is important to the visitors.”

One person said can’t review govt clinical guidelines or search PubMed.

One person said can’t get veterans seen non-emergency.

One person said can’t get students’ GI Bill money.

One person said can’t get passports updated.

One person said can’t submit or receive research grants.


Many more concerns, but it looks to be a real important issue.

Let’s just stop calling it a wall and call it a barrier and let’s send enough medically trained personnel to the border for health screening and medical treatment.

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