Independence Day

The New York Times ran a copy of the Constitution instead of the Declaration Of Independence. The largest and most powerful Newspaper in the Country doesn’t know what the 4th of July stands for. They print a copy of the Constitution, before and after they printed untrue stories. The story about 17 agencies said something was true when only 4 knew about it. I had other people tell me I saw something on Facebook  yesterday and it’s on the TV news today. I wonder if the News Media is copying Facebook???



  1. Exemption from power over or control of another. Liberty; Independence
  1. Frankness; Openness.
  1. Liberty
  1. Special Privilege; immunity
  1. Exemption from necessity
  1. A free unconstitutional grant


  1. Freedom; exempt from restraint
  1. Permission Granted
  1. Total rights and privileges of free people
  1. Freedom of Occupation or engagements
  1. Action or speech exceeding the bounds of propriety


  1. Freedom; Lack of restraint or dependence
  1. Income sufficient to free one from reliance on others.

I believe these three words connect to one another and are very important to our freedom, our liberty, our independence, and our pursuit of happiness, but it is missing one word I write about every year…


Webster Says: Consciousness; sight; knowledge; insight; discernment.

Most big Corporations fail to understand this and have employee relations problems. A big one is the open door policy. It only takes the misuse of this once and employee relations go right down the tubes. Say you go into the CEO and say my Boss is not treating me right, he does this wrong or that wrong or shows favor to someone else. What do you think the CEO has to do to correct this? He calls your Boss into the office and says one of your employees says your showing favor or whatever the problem is and your Boss defends himself. If you come out on the wrong end of the problem your perception would be that the CEO sided with your Boss and it would not take long for it to go through the whole plant. You are intimidated and not happy of the outcome. Instead maybe the CEO should teach you how to approach your Boss to discuss the problems and instruct your boss on how to discuss things with his or her employees. Another approach is to ask the employee if they have ever approached the Boss about the problem.

If you don’t know what freedom is you probably won’t feel free.  When everything is going right you feel great, when things go wrong everything is bad. Freedom is partly a frame of mind; being successful is a frame of mind, like what do you think success is. You might already be there and just don’t feel like it.

So to get down to brass tax, what would freedom feel like to you? What would Liberty feel like to you? What would make you feel independent? Many people search for this their whole life and never find the answer. Many find comfort in something they are doing and settle for that. So if you really want to meet your goal don’t just look for point “A” Make point A broader so you might be happier with A Plus or B Plus or A minus these points are very close together. In other words make your goal a wider landing strip so if you get close you’ll know it.

This is Free paper Month and I can say that I am proud to be a free paper Publisher. Unfortunately some of the big Dailies are giving newspapers a bad name with the Fake news.  Some of these papers need a dramatic headline to sell papers. Myself , I would be happy with a picture of a ribbon cutting, open house, a business profile or just introducing a new client. Crime is second to us!

We believe at TomL that every person has the right to see his or her opinion in print whether we agree with it or not.

Last month I complained about the Ocala Daily Newspaper printing Press releases without checking them out. You can ruin a person’s reputation, or help them lose their job with one hastily worded story. It recently happened with a Sheriff  Deputy. This happens when they are boot-licking a powerful State Department, because they will send you plenty “Fake News” that’s useful to them if you will print it.

I really don’t like the new trends. From the very common man and woman to the very elite. If the influential want to get rid of a Sheriff  Deputy or a Sheriff what do they do? They make them a witness in a case and hope that they screw up or they manipulate the evidence or they ask a question in such a way it can’t be answered correctly.

The State Attorney’s Office is entrusted with a great amount of power. The record of FAIR prosecution, not persecution, can judge the power. The respect of the law enforcement is being deteriorated by the prosecution and persecution of Sheriff Deputies. Unfortunately that seems to be a trend nationwide.  It is particularly tough when a friend or a person you respect disagrees and wants to argue a point. No one wins but at least it got a discussion started. 

Reader of the year award!

I met a Lady the other day that complimented me, I think? She said if I did not agree on something, I would not keep it a secret, I would say it loud and clear. She said, “He tells it like it is! He is my kind of guy! ” I thank you for the compliment. You are in the running for our reader of the year award! You know when someone compliments you. It shows you are not alone.

I heard the word “Sustainability” from Congress and the Senate this week when they were discussing Healthcare. The problem is a program can be sustainable by itself or it can be sustainable with a million dollars a month. It is a safe word to use because the meaning can be easily explained when they have to explain what they did.

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