Ron DeSantis easily winning Florida. But remember Trump made Florida a red state. I like Ron DeSantis and most of his methods.

DeSantis is backing the Turnpike extension other wise he would  done something about the harassment of the land owners and home owners in North Central Florida over putting a turnpike extension through family farmers and through peoples homes. People are actually selling their homes to get away from the fight over right away rights. Right now the extension is on pause, beware it will be back.

Desalts has done a great job with the recovery from the recent Hurricane. A few people in the area have taken advantage of the destruction and tried to claims property that does not belong to them, like boats and etc. Case by case they are catching them.

The news media and the left are trying to get Trump and DeSantis at odds. DeSantis has done a good job, but Trump will win as President and I would like to see DeSantis run the state of Florida for this next term, then run for President. Remember Floridians we need DeSantis here.

If Desantis would just put an end to the Turnpike Extension. It’s not good for the State, the water flow, the environment and if you look at South Florida you will see the Turnpike cut off the flow from East to West creating problems for the everglade causing red tides and such on the west coast.

Man is the only thing that is not good for this earth so let’s take is easy on it!

What is your opinion

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