I have been saying for a very long time Washington has some corruption but never did I think that it was this bad. The previous administration was totally out of control. The Democratic Party is burying itself. The Republican Party is fractured into a number of power brokers, kind of like Humpty Dumpty. We are in the process right now trying to put the party back together again. People like Ron Paul are having fun making the party struggle to pass bills and move forward.

I keep hearing Trump said this and that. Everything I have heard from him has turned out to be true. Let’s just look at a few things.

Trump did not Say: You can’t have an abortion. He said you will have to pay for it yourself.

Trump did not say: Refugees are bad. He said we need to first make sure that they are not coming here to harm us.

Trump did not say: Mexican are not welcome. He said they can apply and come in the proper way.

Trump did not say: He was not taking away anyone’s freedom but he is cutting the funding on things that never should have been funded in the first place.  

When Trump said he was going to drain the swamp, no one realized how tainted the water was and how deep the mud was. How many beautiful poisonous flower people would run into. In all this we have lost fact that all, yes all of the facts that were leaked about Hillary were true. When are we going to address that fact?


I was a victim of Spoofing. When you see a caller ID number on a scam effort, did you ever stop to think how dumb that is to leave your phone number behind. They are leaving someone else’s phone number behind. That is Spoofing. I started getting phone calls from California, Georgia people accusing me of trying to scam them. It turned out to be a credit card scam and they were leaving my caller ID number behind. I went to the Marion County Sheriff Office and of course ask for Billy Woods our new Sheriff. He was apparently busy so I talked to the officer on duty in the lobby. He said they had 65 sheets of numbers that were compromised.  They are not able to catch the scammers or ID them.

I notified Dennis Baxley and Pam Bondi’s office. They were aware of the problem but to date have not been able to catch or anything about it. The distressing thing is there are people out there that think I was trying to scam them.  Hopefully I put enough press on them that they got rid of my number.

I lost a friend, he had a bad heart and other complication but when you lose someone close to you it leaves a hole in your heart and a hole in your life, yes you go on but its always on your mind. This guy and I fish together for many years. He will be missed.

Last contact with the Sabal Trail Gas line people, they buried the pipe, made the land look nice, seeded the Gas Line right away, put my fence back like it was. I gave them an A+ that day.

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