I would like to introduce myself. I am Sharon Day.  For almost 30 years, I was in a fast paced career in a major New York Company.  Although it was lucrative, it was not fulfilling.  I got to a point where I needed to follow my inner guidance and make the leap into entrepreneurship. For the past 20 + years, I’ve been an energy therapist, an ordained Minister, Founder of Healing Hearts Animal Sanctuary (2005), and President of 4 Your Health LLC.  I would like to share a story, which may have a profound effect upon your life.

On an ordinary day in November 2019, I received 3 calls from people who had recently attended funerals of victims of suicide. Each person questioned why this had to happen, with hints of blaming God.  After the last call, saddened beyond words, I knelt and prayed, “God, give me a tool to help humanity.”

Instantly, a vision filled the room. (A woman answers her door to find her son crying, having just come from school.  He says, “Mommy, I can’t take this anymore.” The Mother leads her son to a dimly lit room and says, ” Just relax and sit in the chair.” The child reclined in a chair that appeared to have colored bubbles on the surface.   He was left alone in the chair for 18 minutes, in which time, he went from distress to tranquility, from breathing erratically, to long deep breaths. His mind was calm and focused. His mother entered and said, ” Are you feeling better?”  “Mom, I’m ready to do my homework now.” The two left the room.)

I didn’t have an understanding of what just happened, so I asked to see the vision again. It was clear to me that something was going on. For the next 4 months, I studied the vision again and again. It took 2 years to turn this vision into reality.  I have been determined that this ” tool for humanity ” would be manufactured in the U.S.A.

I am excited to present to you the ONE-DER SYSTEM (See more on the back page of this magazine). May it have a profound effect upon YOUR life, as it has with my life.


God Bless

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