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Huey Magoos Celebrated their Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting on Friday, November 20, 2020, located at 629 N Hwy 27/441, Lady Lake, FL 32159.

Driver Awareness Tips

The holidays are a great time for family and friends to create many memories together.  Safety when you leave the house and travel is an obvious concern but please remember, safety begins with you. ( )

Please take into consideration some precautions to help slow the spread of COVID-19.  You can view more information at or

Follow these tips to help ensure we all Arrive Alive this holiday season:

  • Never drive impaired. Celebrate responsibly and do not get behind the wheel if you have been drinking or took drugs that cause impairment. Plan ahead and find a safe way home every time – designate a driver or use a ride service.
  • Check your tires. Tires are a vehicle’s first line of defense on the road. Check your tire pressure, tread depth and spare tire especially before long trips.  Do not over load your vehicle, it can result in premature wear and tire blowouts.
  • Buckle up. A seat belt is your vehicle’s most important safety feature. Florida law requires that all drivers, all front seat passengers and all passengers under the age of 18 wear seat belts or the appropriate child restraints.  Seat belts save lives, so buckle up every trip, every time.
  • Register or update your Emergency Contact Information (ECI). ECI is a secure system allowing law enforcement, nationwide, to contact designated family or friends in response to an emergency situation.
  • Observe and obey all speed limits. Speed limits may change as you drive through different types of roadways, so make sure you adjust your speed accordingly. In Florida, the limit will never be over 70 mph.

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Ground Breaking for Ye Ole Thrift Shoppe, located next to the Log Cabin, Lady Lake. We are looking forward to the new addition.

A new us post office was built “to be opened soon”. They have plans to “rebuild” what they tore down in “2017”. Florida “d.o.t” owns the bridge. 4 lane will be changed to 6 lane. Information supplied by a Local Business Person! More updates next month. If you have information that you would like to share send it to

Here are three pictures from the Market place at the Lady Lake Chamber Log Cabin. They have a Market Place every Tuesday Morning. Many vendors set up and show their products. Some handmade, some art, produce, services like knife sharpening, making homemade jelly and jams. Emergency services, insurance, healthcare, food, Fresh shrimp and etc. Come on out next Wednesday and see all the interesting stuff.

LL Anderson Coaching celebrated their Ribbon Cutting.  Friends and family came out to help Latisha Anderson, cut the ribbon, and start a new year with LL Anderson Coaching. Look for Latisha at

February 13th, 2021
Hickory Point Recreation Complex


  1. ENTRY FEE: $100.00 per boat (includes big bass), 2 contestants per boat. On time entries must be postmarked by February 6, 2021. Late entries will be accepted at the ramp or after 2/6/2021 at the rate of $120.00.
  2. ELIGIBILITY: Boat Operator must be 18 years of age. Parent’s signature required for any minor fishing the event. Entry form must be completely filled out and signed by both contestants.
  3. Tournament Size and Limit: Minimum size 12 inches guidelines with state exemption permit. Tournament limit 5 largemouth bass per boat. No culling of dead fish.
  4. Dead Fish: Dead fish penalty will assess at the rate of .25 pound per dead fish. To be considered a live fish it must swim off upright within 3 minutes witnessed by a tournament official. Dead fish penalty will be deducted before consideration for BIG BASS AWARD.
  5. TOURNAMENT HOURS: SAFE LIGHT until 3:00 pm. Boats will be launched in 25 boat flights and will be allowed 15 minutes per flight time extension per flight. Boats will check out by end of fishing pier and check in at the same.
  6. Late Penalty will assess at 1 pound per minute up to 15 minutes, then disqualified.
  7. TAKE-OFF: Will be in order in which entries are received. Confirmations will be sent to the boater’s provided email.
  8. TACKLE & EQUIPMENT: Only artificial lures may be used. All bass must be caught in a legal sporting manner.
  9. No Trolling: Trolling is use of the outboard to power the boat to give action to the lure.
  10. BOATS & MOTORS: Boats 16 feet or longer, with properly working aerated live-wells and kill switch. NO OVERPOWERED BOATS ALLOWED. All boats must meet B.I.A., U.S. Coast Guard regulations.
  11. Life Jackets: MUST BE WORN anytime the outboard is running until check in. Kill switches MUST BE Attached to the driver anytime the combustion motor is running. Each contestant is expected to follow high standards of sportsmanship, courtesy, safety and conservation. No alcoholic beverages, stimulants or depressants allowed in boats during tournament hours.
  12. PERMITTED FISHING LOCATIONS: Anywhere on the tournament water except within 50 yards of another Contestant’s boat or the take-off / launch area. All fishing must be done from boat. No Contestant may leave the boat to fish or land a fish.

Tournament Director has final decision.
Any violation of these rules may constitute disqualification from this event with no refund of entry fee.

Go to for registration form.


Lady Lake Area Chamber’s yearly event that is usually held in June. Business to Business was held at Water Oak located at 106 Evergreen, Lady Lake. Executive Director Leslie DiCesare along with Janet Fraley made this event their best one yet.  All participants were given 2 – 3 minutes on stage to share information about their business.  Breaks were given throughout the event to let everyone visit the booths.

Lady Lake Chamber has the Farmers Market every Tuesday. Pictured are Garden Fresh Vegetables “Fruits of the Villas” by Leo, also “Kera G. Jewelry” Quality Hand made jewelry by Kylee Craine and “La Petite Ferme, llc” Farm fresh Goats Milk, soaps & natural skin care

November is military family appreciation month.  During this month, families with members of the military, past and present, are honored and recognized for their commitment and contributions in support of our military and nation.  November 11th is Veteran’s Day.  Thank a member of the military for serving this country. It is important for them to hear your appreciation, but most of all, it’s respectful.

With the holiday season upon us, we should be thankful for the time that we have to spend with our family and friends.  There are families that are separated because a member is away serving our country in the military or worse, they have sacrificed their life for our country.  In reality, freedom is not free.  It is important to reflect that these families have a difficult time coping with their situation.  We should be thankful for those who make sacrifices and also for our families, friends, and the opportunities we have in this country.

November 26th is Thanksgiving Day.  It began as a day of giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest of the past year.  It is important to spend time with family and friends.  Remember that there are families that are missing members because of their sacrifice both here and abroad. Continue reading

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