Here’s a few (mis)quotes on ‘HYPOCRISY’

-“There are three types of people who deserve no mercy, hypocrites, fraudsters, and tyrants.(Williams)

“A hypocrite is a politician who cuts down a tree, and then make a speech for conservation from the tree stump”.(Lincoln)

“The only thing worse than a liar is a liar who’s also a hypocrite!”

-Regardless of your politics, Democrat, Republican or ‘other’, when it comes to Health Care Insurance, our elected leaders and their minions, without exception, are ‘all of the above’ – Liars, fraudsters and hypocrites.

You don’t have to be that smart to figure out that, for insurance, ‘more-is-better’.

For example, if ten of us chip in together, we could accumulate some cash in case one of us gets sick.

But, obviously it would be better if thousands or even millions of us participate.

Our elected leaders, Democrats and Republican alike, say that they know what’s best for the American people. ‘Obama Care’ which would, in time, bankrupt the country, or ‘Trump Care’ which takes money from the sick and elderly, to pay for a trip to the planet Mars.

The concept of ‘Conflict of Interest’ is mentioned frequently regarding the businesses of our politicians.

For example, we need to know. “Do you have a financial stake in farming if you are voting on laws governing agriculture?”, or pharmaceuticals or the auto industry.

“Do you have money in a ‘foreign aid’ country”?

But, for whatever reason, that same question is never asked of our politicians – local, county, state or federal on Health Care Insurance.

Unfortunately I do not have the knowledge or resources to research relevant ‘facts’ about anything, which is why this column is, and always has been an ‘opinion’.

(I.E What I think, not what I know).

-Apparently, our elected officials and government employees at every level have their own Health Insurance Program.

-Is it a fact that, we, the taxpayers pay 75% of their health insurance premiums?

Trump-Care -vs- Obama-Care?

It’s ‘No-Contest’ – We have two losers!

Is there an easy and obvious answer? I think there is.

If every interested American would call their elected representative and the media and insist on answers to a few simple questions the problem would be resolved ‘PDQ’.

1 – “Mayor, Commissioner, Governor, Representative, Senator, President – Please give us details of the Health Care Insurance you, your family and your colleagues are on”.

2 – “Is it true that you get a 75% discount on your premiums, and send the bill to us, the tax-payers?”

3 – “We don’t need a complicated, expensive new insurance program. We, the American people, want to join the program that you’re on. “More-Is-Better”-Right?”

HYPOCRITE?- They don’t believe in Tax-Payer Subsidized Health Care Insurance except for themselves !

’til next time. . .


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