by A.J. (Tony Powell


The ‘Democrat Dozens’ are conspiring to ensure that President T.Rump is re-elected without (meaningful) opposition.

I know it’s boring to read a write-up about the Democrat candidates, but here goes anyway:-

Michael Bennet – from Colorado  has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. Not much else known about him.

Joe Biden, 76 from Delaware Senate for decades. Has been accused of plagiarism, sexual harassment,

bullying Anita Hill when she accused now US Supreme Court Judge Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment.

Bill de Blasio, 58 – The New York City mayor has called T.Rump a “bully” and a “con artist”

Cory Booker, 49  from Newark was the first African American to be elected to office. And the second black candidate, has admitted financial ties to banking and pharmaceutical interests.

Steven Bullock, 53 – an unknown Democratic governor of Montana,

Pete Buttigieg, 37 from South Bend, Indiana who, for whatever reason brags that he is ‘openly gay’

There is nothing relevant on his website. And his campaign manager is a high-school friend with no experience in presidential politics.

Julian Castro, 44 from San Antonio, Texas was US secretary of HUD under Obama and the grandson of Mexican immigrants.

John Delaney, 56 is one of the wealthiest members of Congress and a former banking entrepreneur who advocates cutting taxes for US corporations (Sounds like a Republican to me).

Tulsi Gabbard, 38 from Hawaii is the first Hindu member of Congress and the youngest person elected to a US state legislature. She used to oppose same-sex marriage until it cost her votes so she then jumped on the LGBTQ bandwagon.

Kirsten Gillibrand, 52 from New Yorker worked at HUD for Hillary Clinton but came under fire when she dismissed sexual harassment claims against one of her male aides.

Mike Gravel is 89 years old – Nuff said!

Kamala Harris, 54 is the daughter of immigrants from Jamaica and India. Supports a middle-class tax credit, Medicare for All healthcare funding reform, the Green New Deal but has no ideas how to pay for it.

John Hickenlooper, 67 from Denver is a cofounder of the Wynkoop Brewing Company who

opposes any plans to deal with Climate Change because it might “Give the government too much power in investment decisions”.

Jay Inslee, 68 from the State of Washington worked at HUD under Bill Clinton and is very much for fighting climate change, is against capital punishment and supports Obamacare and wants to expand Medicaid. But has no plans on how to pay for it.

Amy Klobuchar, 58 from Minnesota is against Medicare but for controlling prescription drug prices.

Wayne Messam, 44 from Miramar, Florida whose parents emigrated from Jamaica has very low name recognition and funding.

Seth Moulton, 40 a former marine from Massachusetts wants to tackle climate change and grow the US economy by promoting green jobs as well as hi-tech and advanced manufacturing, and has advocated stricter gun laws banning military-style weapons.

Beto O’Rourke, 46 a wealthy white male from Texas, enjoyed notoriety for record fundraising (Over 6 million in 24-hours).

Tim Ryan, 45 from Ohio says he will create new jobs in technology, public education and  affordable healthcare. But, has no plan on how to get it done

Bernie Sanders, 77 from Vermont proposes free tuition at public colleges, a $15 minimum hourly wage and universal healthcare. He raised nearly  $6m during his first day.

Eric Swalwell, 38  from Iowa wants to raise Social Security caps. and allow politicians to cast votes by phone (Presumably so they can take even more vacations that they already do).

Elizabeth Warren, 69 from Massachusetts was a Harvard professor and a fierce Wall Street critic, who had to apologize for claiming to be a Cherokee. Labeled “Pocahontas” by T.Rump.

Marianne Williamson, 66 is known for her appearance on ‘Oprah’. She is demanding  $100 BILLION in REPARATIONS for slavery, supports  gun control, education reform and equal rights for lesbian and gay communities.

Last-But-Not-Least there is THE BEST CANDIDATE TO VOTE FOR – Andrew Yang, 44 The son of immigrants from Taiwan, is an entrepreneur and former tech executive who wants to guarantee all Americans a $1,000 cheque every month, as well as more Medicare.

’til next time. . . . .


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