by A.J.(Tony) Powell

Immigrants -vs- Invaders!

Univision, Judicial Watch and others report that many ‘Middle Easterners’ are in the caravan. In fact, the President of Guatemala claims to have arrested over 100 of them.

One source alleges that about 20% or approximately 44 million of the world’s international immigrants live in the United States.

Already, in the USA this year over a half million people have been detained for violating US borders in the South-Western States and that number continues to rise.

The vast majority are from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

Right now the so-called ‘caravan’ of illegals dominates the evening news.

You’ll notice that women and children are shown at the front as a cover for thousands of unemployable young males. Who, of course were seen as they physically attacked Mexican border police.

President Trump has said “We have informed the countries of Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador that, if they don’t stop their citizens, all (USA Government) payments will STOP !”

Of course, the invading army of illegals is still a 1,000 miles away. But we can expect a fleet of trucks, buses and cars to show up sometime soon.

President Trump has said he will send the U.S. military to the border.

But, just like the Japanese in WWII (And others) the ‘Invading Commandos’ will push their own women and children to the front, in the hope that they can provoke gunfire from the American defenders. More ‘Good Stuff’ for the evening news.

A mysterious group calling themselves “People Without Borders” is orchestrating this stunt. Where they get their money is unknown.

The question that I’ve never seen or heard discussed in “Does a country have a right to exists?’

The communists, like China and Russia seem to think they do. Not only protecting their land and their people, but even taking over their neighbors by force.

Israel has been open and honest for decades. “This is our country and we will kill to defend it”.

For whatever reason the ‘Europeans’ have, for centuries, fought one another to defend their land, but, since the beginning of this century they have opened the floodgates to invaders from all over the world.

It’s been said many times- “A country that doesn’t control its borders ceases to be a country.”

American Democrats insist “We’re not for open borders.”

But they support the so-called Sanctuary Cities; Demonize ICE and label Patriotic Americans as ‘Xenophobes’. {xenophobe. noun. A person who hates or fears foreigners or strangers).

I don’t think that citizens who love America ‘Hate or fear foreigners!’

It’s a fact that over half of all illegal invaders have been and will be poor, uneducated and dependent on welfare and other social services all charged to working, tax-paying Americans.

United States Law offers foreigners a simple immigration procedure. Apply IN YOUR OWN COUNTRY an American Embassy/Consulate and qualified applicants will get a visa. Of course there is a built-in ‘quota bias’ against Europeans (Which also works to minimize the number of Canadians and applicants from Australasia).

‘Natural-born’ Americans have to support themselves, contribute to society and obey the law – Why should foreigners do any less?

As I see it; if you’re born and raised in America – you’re an American.

If you’re not – you’re not!

It’s not that complicated.

’til next time (

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