Hurricane Irma has had an unprecedented impact on our state. She has tested our emergency systems, our state leadership, our utility companies, and our commitment to our communities. The preparation engulfed the news cycle for weeks, and now the recovery will do the same. This storm has revealed character within our local and state officials and reminded many Floridians why it is so important to listen to their direction. She tested our ability to prepare and obstructed power supply and fuel supplies in a way that many had forgotten a hurricane could. She caused the cancellation of a committee week of the Florida Legislature and of school in many areas. And yet she also forced us together in amazing ways; reminding us of all those things that matter most like life, health, safety, home, family, community, service, and liberty to go meet challenges with one another. As we begin to recover in our own communities and as a state, we must remember to continue to engage in our community and help those around us that are in need.

We owe a great debt of gratitude to all those who serve and protect us in so many ways for going far beyond the extra mile. We also thank Governor Rick Scott and the many local officials who stepped up to lead. Ultimately, we must thank our Creator for blunting this mighty force as it came over our entire state with impacts that could have been far more devastating. We have a great deal of work ahead to restore our State and we must not forget many will still struggle to reach restoration.

Keep helping! Keep serving! Keep sharing! Keep giving thanks!

Onward and upward!

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