Lady Lake Chamber Business to Business Expo was a great success, with over 50 venders exhibited. It is an expo not open to the public but to the businesses that participate.

Let me try to explain how it works. Say you have eight rows of exhibitors. Four of the rows go to the other four rows to listen to their information. In a couple of minutes a bell rings and you move on to the next business. That continues until every business person in the first four rows sees everyone in the second four rows. At this point half of the people have seen half of the businesses. You then do the same thing in reverse.

There were plenty of volunteers helping. Most were Lady Lake Chamber Ambassadors. The pictures you see are compliments of Village Spectator & Lady Lake Magazine.

The event is held every year. Watch for the announcement in this paper next year.

Disclaimer: We tried to put the name of the business with the picture. There were a few we could not ID. For that we apologize!

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