by  Sebrina Hensley


I asked for 100 desserts and you DELIVERED 170+ in 24 hours!!  WOW!!!  Colby Lynn Smith and I were there until after 9:30 (Sept 17) so we were able to see most of the lineman and crew!  They were soooo overwhelmed.  Many said they had worked these for 15-20-30 years and they had never received a gift like this!!  They were so grateful and appreciative!  They were taking pictures and sending home and of course Facebook!!  They said they have received snacks or drinks on the road but had NEVER come back to homemade desserts thanking them!!!

We also got a first class tour of the entire facility and honorary vests!!  This was an amazing experience that I will never forget!!  So many made a point to specifically thank Colby and I.  And I promised to relay it back to you!!!

I was just blown away by them and by their entire facility and crew.

What an amazing set up they have.  Here are some facts for you:

  1. 1800 to 2200 crew at anytime
  2. They have portable showers and laundry that go around the clock
  3. Once trucks are parked they are refueled at night
  4. They sleep in 65 degree tents with cots. Some have campers – tents- sleeping trailers.  A few prefer

their truck!

  1. They serve breakfast and dinner and they have to-go boxes for lunch ready every night
  2. When all trucks are in, they line up for one mile, 7 DEEP!!! That’s a lot of trucks!!!
  3. Most have not been home in 6-8 weeks!!
  4. Most come from more northern states, are not accustomed to our humidity. So it is doubly hard for them

breathe and work!!

  1. They are averaging 6 hours of sleep, 18 hours working and getting ready for the next day!

Also I have to give a shout out to everyone who took time to bring a dessert and so many of you went  above and

beyond doing several!!!  To my crew, Wow!! Thank you thank you thank you!!  Colby Lynn for saying lets do

something!!  Lescia Lanier Owens, Brielle Owens, Shirley Owens, Robin Marianne Crittenden Kent, Julie Rigby Hensley,

Judy Williamson Miley, Michelle Matus-Wooten.  I thank Y’all for sitting in the heat collecting the goodies and

delivering them!!

I hope you all enjoy the experience thru the pictures attached!!  AGAIN THANK YOU ALL!!!


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