Without a doubt, the massacre in Sutherland Springs has captured our awareness that good people trying to worship are now among those vulnerable to violence.

Churches are a safe place for the lonely and vulnerable and welcome all those who enter their doors. Yet, they have a new awareness to the responsibility they have to protect those among their congregations. We owe parishioners security and safety while they worship.

In that spirit, we intend to file the Church Protection bill which is now in drafting. This bill will allow concealed weapons permit holders to be utilized by their church officials to provide security in the event anything should happen.  Many churches can’t afford elaborate professional security staff, but this bill will allow trained citizens, law enforcement officers, veterans, and sportsman to accept responsibility for the safety of themselves and others should such instances occur.

We are a nation based on freedom and liberty, that allows its citizens the constitutional right to bear arms. We have the right to protect ourselves and others, and that right should not be limited, but supported in current legislation.

Ninety percent of citizens want to live in peace together. In this age of violence, we must be prepared to act in order to maintain that peace.

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