By Tom Loury

The classified information just received in Congress needs to be declassified! I think we will see top people in the previous administration are neck deep in this scandal; it is much bigger than Watergate. Right now it appears that some of the top FBI agents were covering for the Clintons. They were also spying – Fox news is calling it snooping – I don’t know if it was spying. They will have to go. The Trump investigation will have to be disbanded and quit spending the taxpayer’s money at an alarming rate. Proof has been found that the subpoena was received through false information, so even if they found something they could not use it.

For years I have stuck up for the FBI and other behind the scenes undercover cops. The uninformed were always saying negative things about “The Man!” Well it seems a few of the leaders have let us down and I would like to get it back to where I can have confidence in all of our agencies.

We had the Veterans Administration Hospital Leaders falsifying records to get federal funding and bonuses.

The Internal Revenue Leaders Targeting the Tea Party

The FBI Leaders covering for Clinton’s.


These are all huge crimes! Where are we headed? Maybe they will be calling us a s——hole country.

If you notice something that is in common it’s just a few leaders at the top. The other common denominator is it was the previous Left Administration. I have to hand it to the Dem’s. They are defending their own, fighting to obstruct, but they are on dangerous ground right now. They could lose support of a lot of people / Voters. The strategy is to move the visitors in our country to certain areas so when the bean counter goes out and get the population census,  they can get the delegates in the states where they need them to get the delegate vote. When they count heads in the census they ask how many people live here? That is all they ask! They don’t ask how many US Citizens live here? With as many visitors as we have it is possible to manipulate. Just offer free money to them in a certain area, Sanctuary Cities.

Draining the Swamp is not as easy as it may seem, but I think Trump is up to it! I believe in this country. We are going through a bump in the road, a glitch. I love my country and I want to feel good about all the agencies that help govern us. God Bless America!


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