By TomL

Politics happened to America!

Many years ago before we had so many governmental rules by political parties, there were laws; we were the most prosperous country in the world. We had no debt, we did not have a large cumbersome payroll for Congress, Senate and all of the government employees and their retirement programs.

If you add what we are or were paying other countries for lord knows whatever and the tariffs we were paying other countries losing on every deal – billions.

We start borrowing money we don’t have to prop up the government, their extravagant ways and to keep paying other countries that hate us! Every year we budget more money than the last year. Obviously we expanded government at a greater speed and there really was no record of where some of the money went, I’m talking billions. There have been unconfirmed reports of shady deals of moving money in or out of campaign funds, paying countries for things the tax payers did not know about. Selling uranium? Paying Iran with pallets of cash, just to mention a few. Here recently some of government overseers are looking at where the money went.

When I was in my twenty (hundred years ago) joke! When working different jobs in the newspaper world, I would hear other employees refer to the government as “the man”, meaning big bosses! They were saying they have been misusing our tax money for years. If it went on, that was small deal compared to what goes on today. The country is addicted to spending. Look what they are doing to the minimum wage. They are pricing the human race out of jobs. Just recently they tested a driverless truck from point A to point B, NO DRIVER. Yes they are inventing driverless vehicles in self-defense.

They have robots flipping hamburgers, WHY? Because the wages will no longer allow them to pass wage expense to the consumer without pricing a burger out for $10. First time jobs are perfect for the fast food industry but not at $15 per hours.

In the last 100 years we have added at least 50 federal taxes. 100 years ago Moms stayed home and raised the children while Dad worked. In the 50’s and 60’s Moms started working part time while the kids were in school. Now they have no choice, they must work!


In just a few years he has lifted the country up to a standard of living that has never been seen. He has lifted our reputation in the World to something that once use to be, IT HAS NOW HAPPEN” The past president said and I quote “what is Donald Trump going to do? Wave his magic wand and fix things?” The answer is yes his magic wand has a name. It’s called “Common Sense & Political Transparency”. He has more backbone than anyone I have ever seen. He is not perfect but he is not a corrupted politician. Yes he is a counter puncher, but his rival whether it be a world leader or a politician, knows when they jab him they will get jabbed back even harder. He thinks outside of the normal political box and from a business perspective. Who would think you could leverage tariffs for billions of dollars in a deal. Who would think he could tell world leaders to pay their share for military help! Who would think we could apply pressure on Mexico to stop the immigrants from traveling across their country?

I would venture to say, when it is all over Trump will go down as the greatest President ever! Trump’s opponents are making him look great because he has done this without any Democratic cooperation of any kind, just Republicans and not all of them. Remember who was helpful at election time. Actually the Democrats are ruining their reputation by not excepting an elected President. Imagine what Trump could have done with cooperation from the Democrats and they would have gotten some credit and we could have preserved the rule of laws in our country. Other countries are laughing at us because of what the Democrats are doing, but we will see who is smiling at the end. How we feel about our country is the most important thing! But just as important is how our country is viewed by the world.  They love to see conflict in our country.

Publishers Note: I think America is great and always has been. But we have had some corrupt people in our governing body, like leeches sucking on money, politics and promoting corruption and when the Trump administration and the media tells the story, the truth gets out and a person will think twice about doing something shady when working in our Government. We have always been great and now we have a new greatness to celebrate! It can only get better.

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