The hurricane that hit Texas was devastating. The section of the state could not with stand the amount of water dumped on it. Thousands of people were in trouble, thousands of people responded. Private citizens brought out their boat tall trucks, anything that could with stand the flood waters and started rescuing people. They say the fastest response during a disaster comes from your neighbors. People came together helping, there was no racial divide just pure good deeds, lifesaving deeds. No one asking for thank you. They picked up the elderly and the young and carried them to safety. Got the dried out, made sure they were alright and went back for more.

The Federal Government sent response teams. The state had response teams, but they were just overwhelmed. With the private sector and the response teams they did it together, how refreshing to see that people can come together and work together for a common cause.

Meanwhile in Florida while Irma is coming at Florida Governor Scott and President Trump were assessing our first responders and act quickly to get ready. The Local first responders were as ready as they could be for what was coming. Florida being a peninsula creates a unique problem, there is only one way out that’s north. The major roadways were bumper to bumper, gas shortages did not help, but all in all everyone went north and most were safe. Some could not evacuate because of the lack of gas. The storm is over and recovery has started, the gas lines are no more, the prices are up a little but I am told it will go back down. My concern now is the people who had to spend all that extra money to get ready for the storm may have trouble recovering financially.


President Trump says he is cutting aid in other countries for HIV treatments. It’s costing the United States millions of dollars per year. The USA has a opioid drug problem to deal with. Some of the problem has been created by Doctors over prescribing pain meds.


I think we need more education out there for all youth, teaching the police are not their enemy, what to do if stopped by the police, the big word is co-operate to the fullest. There are some big money people trying to drive a wedge between Blacks and Whites. I think there is a plot to divide and conquer. Racial divide serves a political agenda.

Teach the youth and new citizens about the Constitution in a simple form. Teach them there is Civil and Criminal court. In Civil court when your found innocent you can sue for your legal fees and court cost. As I understand in Criminal court you can’t sue for your legal fees in most cases.

Another area is Personal Injury, I would say consult with an Attorney, try Daniel Hightower, see ad on page two.

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