By TomL

We are on information overload! While some media sources report or don’t report or report facts wrong or twist facts, some news media are trying their best to report the facts. Other countries are feeding us facts that their investigating people pick up over the past few years implicating some high up personalities or politicians in wrong doing.

It comes out now that one of the FBI members that was caught lying is now lecturing at our colleges for big money. How does that happen? Who would hire him? For what purpose? To indoctrinate the young. The far left is a scary group, they run deep in our political educational world, they are well embedded, they have a lot of money and they will do whatever it takes to do the task at hand. Today it is to take down a sitting President of the United States. The far left is trying to destroy our Constitution. We must stop that if we want to live in a country that has a dream. The American Dream. Who was that said “I have a Dream!” MLK. Of course I know who said it.

In the past some of our smarter than us leaders decided that every young American should get a higher education. We left carnage behind, we left the Children behind that were not college material. Meanwhile we are shoving these young people in a direction they don’t want to go and the indoctrination starts in some schools and colleges. I would say there could a small portion of professors are part of the indoctrination but they get to enough students to make a difference. They come out into the world all full of energy to fix the world and try to take in a direction not described by our Constitution.  When you lose an election by Constitutional Laws you can’t just change the laws!!!

As I watch this Kangaroo court proceed I can envision how much time and money it cost the Tax Payers. Some of these people making our decisions have never run a business. They have been full time politics all there life, sitting in the same for 30 years. What is the matter with this???

Get out and vote these people they are not going to lie to us any more. Let your voice be heard…Send me a letter to the editor. I will run it with your initials only. Send to:

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