By TomL

It was the day before Thanksgiving at the Loury Farm. I had made a quick trip to the store. My wife was working in the kitchen making pies for the next day. When I came up the driveway I saw a bunch of cars and trucks. I could not imagine who was there and why they were there. It was my niece and most of her family.

They like to come and see the animals and show their children the animals. It’s interesting that a lot of children have never touch a cow, a donkey, a horse, a bull and various other animals that we have around. An occasional peacock will visit from the neighbor’s farm. They won’t let you touch them for survival reasons.

Anyway while we were out by the pasture my great nephew, who is in the military, said when he was in Africa and Kuwait they received packages from people in The Villages. The packages contained greatly needed supplies not available in their area. Some of the packages had newspapers in them. Guess what it was? The Village Spectator. Do we get around or what? We have had some great stories about people receiving our paper in other places but this one was probably one of the best because we can say our circulation reaches the most important people on earth, the people protecting our Country!

At the end of the day, my son, his wife and their son came home and there we were the night before Thanksgiving at the Loury Farm and shared memories around the table by having a last minute planned meal for about a dozen family members. That’s what I’m thankful for!

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