By TomL

Trump Impeachment Failed! But it told me something the RIGHT and a lot about the LEFT. It was all theatrics, did you see those lawyers trying to make a point. They even used edited videos so it would help them make their point. I am really disappointed in Mitch McConnell. It was over he had no reasonable reason to make a anti-Trump speech after the impeachment failed. UNLESS the old school Republicans are as afraid of Trump as the Left is!

I believe the Left is afraid of the millions of followers and how far they will follow Trump. Now I’m beginning to think that the old school Republican want him out of the way so they can run a different candidate, because right now there is no question who will run as the Republican candidate.

The Congress, the House and the Senate are composed of many attorneys, not that is wrong but the have a different thought process, they are deal makers. When a guy like Trump comes along. He is half bad boy and half Political Animal. Not many men or women that I know of would stand in a dictators Country and tell them no to a trade. He has told many of them we are not sending money any more and you are not paying your part.

I think Trump or someone close to him should build a new internet platform that will be fair and impartial and follow the laws of the constitution. NEW RULES (LAW!) If you slander someone, they have the right to challenge it. If they challenge it is fact checks false,  they tweet it again on the new platform they can be sued. Suspended from sending any more without a swift hearing.

We need new blood, when I look back in history you see many military Vets in Government. Let’s elect Vets with good business scents, who believed in the Constitution and will enforce it. Don’t try to change it. These bills that Congress is trying to pass has so many riders and attachment that has nothing to do with the original issue, you can’t even recognize them. Send a clean bill that pertains to one issue! No Attachments. No exceptions PERIOD!

Just to make it clear…Trump did not tell the Rioters to attack the White House security. That was their decision. Did his speech fire them up? It probably did but his intent was not for them to go inside, once they did it was a fight. It is said by many that there were other faction mixed in infighting violence  . It does not take much once a crowd is in that frame of mind.

Lindsay Graham wants Trump to help rebuild the Republican Party!  Thats probably a good idea, but trump needs to ease up on the tweeting. The news media loves it because it gives them copy!!!

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