I am a small publisher of monthly newspaper. I am continuously trying to bring attention to the stress the Turnpike Authority brings to Central and North Florida residents / Ranchers / Farmers.

I live near the Rainbow river, our lives have been riddled with attempts from the state to build through this area. Big business have been speculating on how they can make money on these events.

I ask when the Turnpike Organization was started it’s job was to build a road. They built the road, they built bridges, they built Exits. They are running out of thing to do so here they come again with the Turnpike Extension. Oh no it’s political season so let’s pause it and come back later.

What happens the people in this area are being harassed by this project. They are selling their house got get away from the stress of it all. IT”S NOT FAIR! We are tax paying citizens and don’t deserve the pressures put on by these project.

Finally the gasoline came through my property, that stress is over or is it. What happens if it leaks or blows up. Not likely well it’s possible. Now the property is devalued, people don’t want to live next to a gasoline.

So please consider this before you allow the Turnpike to proceed again. I am told that people were told what they wanted to hear for now. Tomorrow it will come again unless you stop it for good!

Thomas Loury

TomL Publishing LLC

Seniors Voice of Ocala

Village Spectator

Ocala DownTown

Lady Lake Magazine

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