Villages Florida: There is a running controversy over a resident displaying the flag. This is not a good thing to be on the wrong side of, especially right now! It does not have anything to do with Villages management; it has to do with residents in the community. There are yard ornament regulations.

Joe and Peggy, residents of the beautiful but massive community of the Villages, have a flag displayed in their yard. They were notified that they would have to take it down because it was classified as a lawn ornament. The residents say the flag is the flag, no matter how you display it. They are showing their patriotism in the only way they know how.

The flag is on a bracket that holds it in place rain or shine. It has a light on it. It stays in place in the wind also and the flag is replaced when needed.

A complaint was filed by whom, we don’t know. Joe is a veteran and says it means a lot to display his flag!

A five-member community board will rule on whether the residents have to take down their flag. Joe could face a fine of $25 per day after notified if he doesn’t take it down! I think the Committee will vote to leave it!

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