By TomL

The State Attorney’s office was not satisfied that they took down Sheriff Blair, taking down the Lake County Sheriff, and  in addition putting four Marion County Sheriff deputies in prison. Brad King tried to prosecute the fifth officer that plead innocent. Now the State Attorney’s Office has ruined another innocent Deputy’s career. Deputy Parker, a 14 year veteran of the Marion County Sheriff’s Department, one of the World Winning Swat Team and a Canine Officer, was called into court to testify in a case. His testimony was different than his supervisor’s who was part of the Billy Woods transition Team. He gave his testimony to the best of his recollection and his written statement reflected  the same as his testimony. The records show he was accurate. The State Attorney’s office lost the case against the fifth officer and then it started… Deputy Parker, a Sheriff Deputy, just a witness in the case had his career ruined because he remembered something different than another witness.

The State Attorney. Brad King released a statement that his office would no longer trust Officer Parker’s testimony in any case from this time forward, which is critical in a Deputies job. Just a little harsh don’t you think? Of course the Press Release was printed by the Ocala Star Banner without collaboration, NO PROOF OF WRONG DOING! Flat out ruined Deputy Parker’s career. Sheriff Billy Woods called Parker in with the intent to fire him, but Parker handed him his written resignation. Parker was raised in the Agricultural World. He will come out of  this because he has a lot of friends. Remember they are voters. Parker has a wife, two children and third on the way. “What a shame!”

I made contact with Ex-Officer Parker, who took the man’s way out! He said “Nothing good would come of anything I would say”, Parker said. So I put it behind me and am moving on! I am not guilty of any wrong doing!”

I wonder why our new Sheriff Billy Woods did not stickup for his Deputy. I find it interesting when I use the name Brad King to an Officer. They lower their voice and are very careful what they say.

Do you notice the pattern? Sheriff Blair was a witness that did not say what they wanted him to say and they manipulated the time frame on a video to bully him into a plea out. Later when Blair saw the video he realized he had been the victim of the State Attorney’s office manipulating the video!

The Governor is a part of the mix also because he helped take Sheriff Blair out of office and no matter how many emails, phone calls, written letters stating they saw proof of Blair’s innocence, the Governor ignores the people. Pam Bondi, who endorsed Blair one minute, then sent her right hand man Gainey in to take his place.

When you have someone that powerful, remember 25 attorneys, it takes a lot of money to prove your innocence. Add on top of that the daily newspaper will print anything the State Attorney sends them, and you have public and political advantage at that point, as you can see the Constitutional law is no longer effective. They can ruin a career in a heartbeat.

The Governor is now using the local State Attorney’s office as hatchet men to prosecute 21 cases from another area.

What say you the public? Will you remember this when election time comes around again??


Wisdom from the Deisel repairman “It used to be the truth will set you free…now the truth will cost you your job!

Another one: “Duct tape can’t fix stupid!”


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