By Publisher Tom Loury

This review has several months included and some out of the area reviews.

  1. In August I ate Silver Springs Restaurant, had a Cowboy Burger, no bread, no Barbecue sauce with half order fries, extra crispy. The hamburger was fresh, handmade and had onion rings on top like a Cowboy Hat. It was good and the price was reasonable.
  2. Ate at Roadhouse grill, Villages on 441. Had steak, potatoes and veggies. Service was good, food was excellent.
  3. Ate at Mojo’s Ocala,Fl. It was all good, price was right. I had a Hound Dog, ft long beef hot dog wrapped in bacon, with cheese, onions and mustard. WEW! Excellent.
  4. Ritzy place: ate at the Strata Hotel St Pete Beach several times. The food, all Chef prepared, all good. They had a Luau with a whole roasted pig. It was delicious. My wife would not look at it or eat any of it. There were plenty of other meats. One interesting thing they were serving Icelandic Glacial water in the rooms and at the conference’s meetings with sponsors paying for it. The bars were expensive, a good reason to stay sober. It was very nicely done. The Hotel was nice, the view of the ocean was rated great.
  5. 5. Ate at Terry’s restaurant. Had a fish sandwich on one of their homemade rolls, baked fresh every day in house. It was all good, I will go back there soon.
  6. 6. Ate at Turnpike Mikes Bistro in Dunnellon Florida at the Rainbow Spring Country Club. Bottom floor looking out over the well-groomed grounds and shade trees. My gosh! The half sub is huge. I ate some of the half sub took some home. I used the leftover meat & cheese to put in my salad twice the next two days.
  7. 7. Had finger foods at the Sky restaurant on top of the Holiday Inn, Ocala Fl at a networking event. The Chef there always does a good job. Interesting touch the Holiday Inn serves Artesian water from Norway in a unusually tall container with a lid that has a seal. Break the seal and it’s yours. The water was good.
  8. 8. Had breakfast at the Ocala Business Leaders at the Elks club. They always do a good job. Also they know how to make a good hot cup of coffee.
  9. 9. Had lunch at Honey Bake Ham, the soup and sandwich deal. Turkey noodle soup and ham and cheese half sandwich with the works. It was good, and price was not bad at all.
  10. 10. Had lunch at the Florida Cracker Kitchen on my way back from St Pete. It is in Brooksville Florida. The food was good, prices moderate. They also have a Cracker store next door. It was fun walking through while waiting for a table.
  11. 11. I ate at Ocean 11 all you can eat buffet. I had two or three kinds of shrimp, crab, stuffed mushrooms and tea which it was difficult ordering since staff did not speak very much English. Ordered unsweetened tea with just a splash of sweet on top. After two waitresses and sending the tea back we got it right. I said unsweet tea and I put the sugar in myself.
  12. 12. Ate at Eaton’s Beach on Lake Weir last week. I had a catfish poorboy without the bun. It was a nice fish fillet grilled lettuce, tomato, pickles & steamed broccoli and cauliflower. It was excellent. The unique setting is on the Lake with a beach on ground level surrounded by boat docks. I saw a catchy saying on a brochure…The only thing better than the view is the food!” How True!!!
  13. 13 Ate at Darrell’s Restaurant East Silver Spring Blvd. One of 15 locations, wow. I would classify my lunch as a good meal, bowl of chicken noodle soup with half a ham and cheese on toast. The service was good, the coffee was good and hot, prices were moderate. Good job Darrell’s. I don’t like cold coffee and not too strong. There is an art to making good coffee. Do not ask someone who doesn’t drink coffee every day to make coffee.

If you had a good restaurant experience anywhere in Florida,  email me at: Tell me what restaurant. What food did you have? How was it? How was it priced? How was the service?

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