Mojos Ocala Florida next to Target

On the menu Houndog and steamed vegetables. Houndog is a huge hot dog wrapped in bacon and fried. Was great!

Olive Garden Inverness Fl, Hwy 44 between Inverness and Crystal River

Shrimp Scampy, bread, tossed salad, coffee was not hot enough for me. Everything else was great.

Terry’s Restaurant

Terry Restaurant bakes their bread fresh every night. I ordered with bun on the side to go. Fish sandwich or shrimp poboy comes with lettuce tomato, onion, pickle. Comes with fries on Friday special.

Sam’s great Italian sausage sub

I ate half of the hoagy roll, onion, peppers, raw onions and mustard. Whew! My wife and I ate for under $5.00.

Rodeo Grill, 484 Dunnellon, Fl.

Order a Hamburger with pickles, onions, jalapeños and cheese melted on the top. Had deep fried green beans as an appetizer. Wow tasted great.

Mojo’s Ocala Florida next to Target hwy 200. A Hamburger called Jappy Joey. I ordered without the bun. Hamburger with everything including jalapeños, with cheese melted on top.  It was wonderful!

Texas Road House, Lady Lake on 441

Had 6 oz steak bake potato & grilled veggies, Ice tea unsweet and a splash of sweet on top w/lemon

Rodeo Grill, 484 Dunnellon, Fl.

Had a Shrimp Dinner Grilled. Came with fries and slaw. I ordered unsweetened tea with a splash of sweet on top was perfect. Dinner was priced at $9.95 plus the tea and tax. Service was good food was excellent.

Mojo’s Ocala Florida next to Target Hwy 200

Had big salad with the works. Ordered grilled chicken on top with house dressing was excellent.

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