I Like Gov DeSantis!

Here we go.

Along comes Monoclonal Antibody

This Governor has not stop surprising  me. He wants to come up with solutions and give credit where credit was due. He noted that Trump bought all that the Monoclonal Antibody that the manufacturer had before he left office. It will be free to the public. That shows you how far ahead Trump is compared to Biden. He knew it would be important in the process of curing people with low Immune systems. The doctors treated Trump with Monoclonal Antibody’s when he contracted COVID-19. The hospitals in Marion County are using it.  Hope it comes to be available to the public in Marion County Soon.


Shortage of GOOD, QUALIFIED HELP. I recently went to one of our well known auto part stores. Ask for a replacement battery that fit my year and make of vehicle, the person waiting on me had to ask the his supervisor  working in the store how to find it and he put it in. I noticed him struggling to get the right size wrench and how to take the battery out. Finally the battery was in but not bolted down. Not a big problem, it was starting to rain, I said just give the bracket that holds it in and I’ll put it on later. The next day I lifted the hood and the battery that was in there was about 2 inches shorter and it had side and top post which can be handy. So this guy did not put in the same replacement battery that it called for because it was his first day on the job he was from a foreign country and had no skills. He had a job and I give him the D+ for effort but he was “UNQUALIFIED!” Consumer Beware.


I’m Mad as Hell!

We need to tell the taliban that we are staying until every person we want out is brought to us at the airport. Every week past the deadline we will increase our presents by 10,000 top notch troops. If necessary we will fight them ourselves and all the puffed up ego’s will be gone!


United States affairs and world affairs are a terrible mess. The only thing I can think of is if Biden’s son being investigated has compromised Biden and his office. Someone is telling him what to do! Who ever it is don’t like Trump. Maybe Chucky, Nancy, Clinton,China, Russia, etc?  You know the people have had their hand in our pockets!

What do you think?


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