We are being taken, it’s like a shell game. Distract with one hand and take with the other. For instants…Crisis being created

1960’s All our oil will be depleted

1970’s We will have an ice age

1980’s Acid rain would destroy our crops

2000’s Icecaps are melting

Not one has happened why? Follow the money. We paid more tax’s for the shell game and politicians made a lot of money.

NOW…We are being told to turn the thermostat up on hot days because we are putting to much stress on the electrical Grid while we are being told to buy electric cars which will really put an overwhelming effect on power grids. This needs to stop!

Follow the money, our tax money!!!

Here is a good example of of politicians at work!

Coal power Plant’s in a few other countries are

The EU has 468 – building 27 more…  …   Total of 495

Turkey has 56 – building 93 more… ….      Total 149

India has 589 – building 446 more…           Total 1035

Japan has 90 – building 45 more…             Total 135

China has 2,363 – building 1,171 more…    Total = 3,534

I think we have 15 coal power plants left.

As you can see we are not polluting the world, so the Global Warming thing is not true or we can’t change it unless the rest of the world goes along with it. I think it’s a grab for power and our tax money!


I have one word to explain the cure for the IRS being weaponized, FAIRTAX!

Our tax money is being plundered through. First they create a crisis then they need money to fix the crisis. In ten years there will be another crisis. That cycle will continue until we get several President’s in a row that truly want to stop the plundering.

I think that our current administration in trying to bankrupt our country, we are well on our way. We need an investigation in corruption all the way to the top. We need to investigate the the people who are paying the FBI informants hundreds of thousand to come up with bogus information. They all need to go to jail!


Actions uncovered of Pelosy in a video saying saying she would punch Trump out! I ask you who is creating chaos? Who is acting stupid? Are our law makers acting responsible? NO!  They need to be replaced! Some need to be impeached!


Again I think the Florida Turnpike Authority should be disbanded and given jobs with the DOT who is their governing agency anyway. Florida tax payers don’t need to be harassed every several years. Residents are selling their homes to avoid the confrontation meetings. To Governor DeSantis it is not fair! Please stop them! This area was hit hard by the Barge Canal (under state control)…IT FAILED the state took Tax Payers land and later used it for purposes other than the Barge Canal. They turned it into a Park? Then came the Turnpike extension came twice in the years past. The local residents fought it back. Then here came the Gas Line on the same path the Turnpike wanted to go through. The Gas Line went through. I through them off me property several times. Through legal means it went through. Today there are gates at every property line and they have the same code on the locks from Alabama to Orlando. Several times I have caught people who should not be there (Trespasser’s) on my property. Mind you these are the same farmers and Ranchers that just fought the Turnpike Extension a few years before. Recently an agency calling themselves the Turnpike Extension Authority has approached again! The City, Town, County’s and land owners rose up to fight again. Again Tax Paying residents are being harassed. Wait there is an election coming up let’s PAUSE IT until after the election is over. In the past there was all kinds of trickery applied. I know them all, I now have a Gas Line on my farm. Should it blow up I only hope that some of my family will be left to sue them! Think about this, that land the Gas Line went through has been devalued. No one wants to build a house right next to the Line. So they paid once for the right to put the Gas Line there but as long as it is there the land is worth less. BUT we still pay taxes on it to the County.

Governor DeSantis please stop them from plundering of our land!


Last but not least Google has given the green light to Trumps Platform!


The Justice Department has charged five current and former IRS employees with stealing COVID relief money and using it to make lavish personal purchases—including a new Mercedes and trips to Las Vegas.

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