We are Statewide Award Winning, Yes we are. The Community Papers of Florida had their state conference at Hutchison Island and Resort, a great spot for a conference. At the end of the two day conference we got the results of our competition. We were in the top three in five categories for TomL Publishing LLC:

Color Photography was by Wendy Netherclift

Best Home Page was by Chris Boody

Three editorial awards that I share with several stringers!  We are proud!

Alex Baldwin the actor said we must overthrow the United States Government under Donald Trump.  Last month I was chastised by a reader when someone was discussing a civil war and now there is talk coming from well-known actors, actresses, and well-known democrats like Elizabeth Warren, Chuck Chumor, Hilliary Clinton and more about civil disorder. Even Obama who probably started some of this when he started siding with the criminals instead of the police officers. Be careful what you wish for! Even in our small community our Sheriff was taken out of office and five deputies  were charged with beating up a drug dealer, four of the deputies serve time, one was found innocent and another deputy went down during the court case because he would not turn on the other deputy that said he was innocent. Do you know what the sad part is? The convicted drug dealer is now suing the deputies! What do you think about that?  tloury@att.net

I was harassed by a reader last month about quoting what a historian and publisher said.  He had predicted if things keep going the way they are, we could end up in a civil war. The reader said that would never happen. The other day Eric Holder said when they go low you kick them. The former Attorney General is telling people to assault Republicans! Hillary is talking the same trash. If that is not the beginning of something I don’t know what is! I think most of the people talking this trash are guilty of crimes against the people and are trying to distract Law Enforcement.

Newsprint shortage! I have been hearing from the industry that there will be a newsprint shortage. Some good news came out of an associate in Georgia that a paper mill that had been shutdown by Obama regulations has started back up because of the Trump deregulations. That is a mixed review. I think it makes sense that the mills will increase production because of the loosening of the regulations. Some of those same mills have increased production of toilet paper because of the increased usage in Washington (joke)!

There are several local candidates I like in this election. The main one is State Senator Dennis Baxley. He is the person who wrote the Stand Your Ground Law. He has caught a lot of grief over it but it has saved many lives. He is constantly defending it, because of the bad guys and their attorneys are constantly trying to misuse it. You can’t shoot a person in the back and then say “I was standing my ground!”

The other candidate I like is in the Marion County School Board race. Shelia Arnette has a lot of energy, is smart and has the students in mind when running for office.

Political Mailers: Some politicians believe in them and will spend thousands of dollars doing them. The Post Office does their job delivering them, but at the PO the other day, I saw two garbage cans full and over flowing of political mailers. I took a picture but decided not to run it because it would embarrass some people. I challenge the people spending money to mail. Ask the Post Office how many were in the garbage can in the lobby? It is a shame. If I was mailing like that I would ask the post office for the left overs mailers also. Ask about the mailing list being purged. When you send to every voter each household receives at least two or even more. The husband gets one, the wife gets one, the son gets one, the son’s wife gets one. There is no magic to it but it is always good to follow up. I save one per candidate and get rid of the rest.

Kanye West went to the White House to see if he could get some help in cleaning up Chicago. He has been harassed, threatened and called names because he wants to help his people in Chicago. Jim Brown went to the White House to help Kanye West and to endorse the President of the United States and to see if he could help with the race relations problems. Again the left is using minority people to fight their battles and Kanye understands that.  Some of the voters are trying to expose them. Another visit was from Kid Rock. Do you think so and so should be fired? Kid Rock responded to the reporter he should fire you and walked on!


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