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Face the Future with Confidence by taking back the past and applying it to the future!

You can’t screw up a country this bad in twenty eight months unless it is on purpose!

I really like Senator Kennedy’s speeches. He has a way of describing things. He is a real country word smith. On a recent video I viewed, Senator Kennedy said “Biden administration sucks!” listing a few of the issues.

COVID, the economy, inflation, national debt, the border, crime, cancel culture, treating parents like domestic terrorists, Afghanistan, our energy independence now lost,

Senator Kennedy says “President Biden has been spectacularly awful.”

In my opinion I would have said it a little different but it was direct and to the point and “I agree!”

Life is like a jar of jalapeño peppers.  What you do today may be a burning issue tomorrow morning.

Interesting enough I had a report from a lady in south Florida (Broward County) that August Lady Lake Magazine was missing from our website. I did not see the problem but I am proud that South Florida is reading us. YAH!

I don’t get it, they are banning straws to cut down on the litter and giving out needles free, only to be thrown on the ground for someone to step on. What is wrong with this picture???

Open borders and what are the benefits? Drug running / Human Trafficking / Disease / Terrorism / New welfare recipients all benefits of those who believe in open borders and we who are paying for it, the working people and the Government printing more money!

INTERESTING…Since light travels faster than sound, some people appear bright until you hear them speak.

Florida, Kentucky and Missouri are the first states requiring Drug Testing when an individual applies for welfare. They drug test people who are working! They should drug test those who are not working also!


IMPORTANT! Can a nursing Home Evict You???

YES if the Resident Fails to pay for their stay at the facility, after the nursing home has provided reasonable and timely notice. Another resident’s behavior or illness status is endangering the safety or health of other residents or facility staff or if the nursing home goes out of business/shuts down.

Florida, for example, has some of the least restrictive discharge laws in the country. In that state, assisted living facilities only have to provide a 45-day written notice and a documented reason to evict a resident.

Nursing Home Claims it “Cannot Meet the Needs of the Resident” A nursing home resident can be involuntary transferred legally if the nursing home cannot meet their needs.

I will ask Ombudsman to report on this?

We have enough oil in our continent to fuel every single passenger car and freight truck for the next 430 years.  There is enough natural gas to provide electricity for all our needs for over 500 years and enough coal to provide electricity for 500 years. I think that in 400 years we will have developed alternative fuel sources?  Why did the President sacrifice America’s energy independence, stop all exploration for oil and gas, abandon pipeline development and drive up prices of all oil, Including jet fuel? Biden has compromised our country. Biden make us oil independent again now!

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