Easter was good. It was just a small part of our family not the 25 we originally planned, but for good reason. We had a one child Easter egg hunt for my grandson. He was happy and we had a nice meal for five of us. It is our duty to make sure that those around us know what Easter really means.

Our world has become a hostile place with tornados ripping through the country side and killing people, lethal viruses creeping across our country killing people. We can’t live in fear. We just go with what happens and pray for the best.

The virus brought out some peoples’ good side. I was pumping gas and a guy I have never seen before walked up and handed me some gloves and said will these help. I have extra to share he said. I called on a customer that gave me a face mask to help protect me from the virus.

A lot of my customers just shut down. One locked his doors but with an open sign on the door. If a customer came to the door they were allowed in to make their purchase. One customer said she could not keep enough product on the shelves, people are buying extra.

My email was blowing up with responses and best wishes. The CEP/Ocala, Marion County Chamber of Commerce called and asked…How are you, is there anything we can help you with??? The current President of the Ocala Business Leaders Patrick Dolder also called to ask how things were. Thank you Patrick. I am assisting the Lady Lake Chamber in helping the restaurants to broadcast that they are offering a drive up or drive through for the Villages Lady Lake area. They are offering to help with whatever they can do.

Being at home more you notice things you don’t normally see. Someone forgot to tell the wild animals that they were supposed to keep their distance. Just the other morning just before the sun came up, it was light outside and we could see. There were two red fox playing on top of the hay rolls, jumping high in the air, landing spinning around and playing with each other. The minute the sun peeked through the tree they were gone, running across the pasture for the woods. It was a wonderful sight of nature at its best. Two Red Fox playing during a Pandemic. I hope the videos come out. We have had a large hawk hanging around the farm. It was seen diving on the small birds and small animals. I told a buddy of mine. He lives on little Wakiva Creek. He has a hawk sitting on his bird feeder. He says the squirrel challenged him and he is not fast enough to catch them. Enough said about wild animals. People might think I’m talking politics!

My industry will never be the same. The newspapers that bring you information have really been hurt. Many customers cancelled which is our source of revenue, but we are expected to continue to bring up-to-date information on the Coronavirus.

One thing I realized early in the Pandemic was that large towns with large mailing addresses have many zip codes and were being generalized with elevated  numbers of positive cases of the Virus. I requested the results of testing by zip code and it breaks it out so you can look at your zip code area and see if you have more exposure than other areas. The health departments are doing a heck of a job providing up to date information. The newspaper Industry is trying to keep up with it!

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